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Kochi: The Queen of Spice Trade

Kochi: The Queen of Spice Trade

Kochi as a place has existed for a long time and had a huge hand in the spice trade carried out in the 14th century. Even the Greeks and Romans were fond of the spices that were cultivated in Kochi. Till date, it is famous for its black pepper and it is an important part of the Indian state of Kerala. Being a port city it plays a part in the business which makes it the financial hub of Kerala. Kochi also has a great reputation for churning out students with greater knowledge and qualifications.

People can easily visit Kochi with the help of the Cochin International Airport that is situated in Nedumbassery. You can easily find Dubai to Kochi flights or from any other city in the Middle East or even the rest of the world. It is well connected with the rest of the cities of India as well.

The rich history of Kochi can be seen through the historical port and also the architecture that was left behind by the traders. So, here are some places in Kochi that will remind you of the old times:

  • Jewish Synagogue: This synagogue is in operation since 1568. The beautiful atmosphere of the place will actually pull you inside it. It is one among the seven synagogues that are operated in Kochi. You can also pay for a guide that will explain the architecture and the significance of the building for the religion as well as to the history of Kochi.
  • Chinese Fishing Nets:Kochi is in close proximity to the Arabian Sea and that is why a big chunk of the population are fishermen. The Chinese fishing nets are a unique flavour to the fishermen of Kerala. The communities tell that it was a gift to them from the Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. You can actually witness the men catching the fish with the help of these innovative nets.
  • Fort Kochi: This place is actually the one that will provide you with the flavour of the older times. It is a mixture of the culture, heritage and the common people of Kochi. The quaint town does get a flock of tourists in some of the seasons. But as a conscious person, you can see the leftover Portuguese and Dutch influence on the buildings as well as the people. You will get old buildings, churches, synagogues that were used by them and still their heirs have kept the essence. You will find yourself in a different dimension when you visit this town.
  • Willingdon Island:More than history this island is about the capability of men. This is a man-made island and is one of the largest of its kind in India. You will find lavish hotels and resorts on this island and also has the Kochi Naval Base. The island is just 82 years old, but it has already made its place on the Arabian Sea.

Kochi is still an important part of India and it will always be so. Do visit this amazing city for its culture and heritage in the face of the world.

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