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10 Activities to Plan for a Cabin Vacation in the Smoky Mountains

10 Activities to Plan for a Cabin Vacation in the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains is a popular travel destination for those who love the natural splendor of high mountains and dense forests, especially those seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One of the best ways to get away from the regular grind is to rent a cabin in the middle of the National Park. It adds a new dimension to the experiences you can enjoy on your vacation. You can enjoy mesmerizing views, countless outdoor adventures, and a chance to experience exotic wildlife.  

In the Smoky Mountains, adventure seekers may choose to ride a raft down the white-water rapids or float down on a tube and become a river rat. Soak up the sun by lazing around on a sun lounger on a cabin deck. Trek down a mountain trail and live it up in a cabin surrounded by magnificent views with beautiful scenes spread out all around. You can barbecue some spare ribs or baby back ribs or a tenderloin steak and savor the blend of earthy aromas and the rising smoke from the grill. The dozens of attractions and cozy cabins make the Smoky Mountains the perfect location to enjoy and unwind.

Therefore, if you plan a trip to the Smoky Mountain National Park, here are ten activities to enjoy your time in the cabin. 

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1. Book Your Cabin:

To book a cabin, you need to know what facilities you need to make your stay comfortable and what activities you want to plan for your vacation. You can find secluded cabins in the Smoky Mountains with all the modern conveniences and amazing views to immerse yourself in nature. The range of properties based on available accommodation can extend up to 17 bedrooms for 68 people, so you can invite family or friends to join in the fun. Additionally, if you are planning to take your pet with you, then you need to look for pet-friendly accommodation. 

Some amenities to look for in your cabin include outdoor or indoor Jacuzzis, swimming pools, spas, saunas, barbecue pits, campfire rings, game rooms, media rooms, and home theater systems based on your preferences.  

You can appreciate the breathtaking views from the porch of your cabin. Whether you like to hear the morning birds chirping as you sip a cup of coffee on the deck, soak in a hot tub with panoramic views, or bask in the sunlight as you read your favorite book, cabins in the Smoky Mountains can offer a range of experiences for you to enjoy. 

2. Set up a campfire:

A campfire offers a perfect opportunity to sit together, tell stories, sing along songs, play charades, barbecue, and toast marshmallows. There is no better recipe for family fun than a cabin and a bonfire to light up the night skies.   

Most cabins have a fire ring for you to set up a campfire safely. If this is an activity on your to-do list, ensure you get a cabin with a fire ring.  So, you and your family can safely gather around the campfire and spend quality time together and create memories for a lifetime.

3. Get Wet:

Children of all ages enjoy splashing around and playing water games. So, you can choose a cabin that has a swimming pool. Nothing beats the summer heat more than a dip in the pool. A swim washes off the summer heat, refreshes the mind, and relaxes the body. If your cabin does not have pool access, you can trek up to the pools created by falling waterfalls for some water games. When you get tired of splashing around, you can enjoy the phenomenal mountains, and the woods will add to the tranquility you feel. 

4. Try outdoor games:

A vacation is the best time for you and your family to bond. It provides ample time to catch up with your children and capture moments.  Try yard games and outdoor activities with your children. Bean bag tossing, bocce ball, and horseshoes are the most common games to play while staying in a cabin. In addition, you can set up a scavenger hunt with your children for a fun exciting activity to keep them engaged.  

5. Whip up a meal:

If you enjoy cooking, a vacation in the Smoky Mountains offers a great opportunity to cook as you like. Most cabins have a fully functioning cooking range available for you to cook your favorite dishes and charcoal grills for BBQ enthusiasts. Simmer some sauces to pour over sizzling steaks and grilled ribs and savor the smoky flavor of a great barbecue. Serve fresh vegetables, fruits, and custom-made sauces from the local farmers’ market to add a unique touch to your regular menus and add to the charm of your meal. 

6. Go on a hike:

Smoky Mountain National Park offers a range of hiking trails, from easy 1-mile treks to the far more challenging treks that take you to a height of 4200 feet in just 6 miles.  If you are up for breaking a sweat, go on a hike. A hike offers you a chance to immerse yourself in nature, gaze at the wildlife, or pick some wildflowers along the way.

If there are children and senior adults in your party, choose short-distance trails with the least incline. Additionally, if you wish to swim after your hike, you can hike to a waterfall. 

7. Capture moments:

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty and special moments. If you are interested in photography, there are countless vistas for you to capture on your trip to the Smoky Mountains. Whether you go on a hike, ride a bike down the lane, or stay at your cabin, you can photograph magnificent mountains and wildlife. In addition, you can record these precious family moments of your trip with your camera. 

8. Try Fishing:

You can plan a fishing trip with your family to a lake. Fishing can be a fun activity for adults and children alike. It is an effortless hobby that lets you relish the beauty of nature as you await your big catch. 

Another great idea is to have a picnic by the lakeside and plan to cook what you catch and enjoy it there. However, it would be a good idea to take some food with you just in case you don’t get lucky with the fly. In addition, you and your spouse can stroll along the water, savoring each other’s company as the water laps around your feet.

9. Indulge in indoor activities:

The chief benefit of cabins is the indoor entertainment options. From game rooms to TV screens and DVD players, cabins in the Smoky Mountains provide exclusive indoor fun selections.

If you plan to spend a few days indoors, or if it rains, gather up your family and play some good old board games. Play monopoly, scrabble, or dominoes and chess to indulge yourself. Similarly, start a tournament using a pool table, if it is available in the cabin’s game room. After playing, you and your family can settle for a movie marathon. You can heat some popcorn, get cozy on the sofa, and watch your favorite movies. 

10. Take trips:

As pleasant as staying in your cabin may be, be sure to explore some local attractions ranging from amusement parks to seasonal festivals. 

You can spend the day at Dolly Parton’s theme park, visit Cades Cove, interact with extraordinary exhibits at Ripley’s Aquarium, or buy souvenirs at The Island shops in Pigeon Forge and The Village Shops in Gatlinburg and various towns dotted across the Smoky Mountain Range. 


Nothing is more satisfying than immersing oneself in nature. You feel all the tension leave your body, and as your mind relaxes, serenity washes over you, and you feel refreshed. This is the key benefit of visiting a natural preserve and living in a cabin. 

If you are going for a cabin vacation to the Smoky Mountain National Park with your family, be sure to map out your activities. Try to enjoy a bit of everything. Whether you hike, bike, cook, or play, make sure you have fun and create lifelong memories.

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