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Tips for an affordable vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains

Tips for an affordable vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains

Taking a vacation is a great way to relax and relieve everyday life’s exhaustion. But your holiday can also add to your stress if you spend more than you anticipate. A short trip can burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not careful with how much you spend. 

Places like the Smoky Mountains, which can attract up to 14 million tourists annually, make for excellent vacation spots. Every nature lover’s heaven is this sweet spot between Tennessee and North Carolina. 

The diverse range of species, historical monuments, and wildflowers make the Smoky Mountains a must-visit spot for everyone, but that’s not all this mountain range has to offer. Since this region gets an influx of tourists, it is well equipped to cater to your needs and offer services at a more discounted rate. So before you leave for your trip, you need to know what these facilities are and how you can stay on budget, read on to find out more:

Look Into Cabins

Finding the perfect place to stay can take up a sizable chunk of your budget. There is nothing wrong with desiring a luxurious venue with multiple facilities for you to explore, which can pamper you on your trip. This is why most tourists book accommodations in a hurry, which can be a terrible financial decision. Booking multiple cabins at different destinations is also not a very budget-friendly idea. Therefore, before you book a cabin, explore your options deeply. Particular Smoky Mountain cabin rentals may even offer deals and amenities for a lower price. 

You can get more than 15% off your first reservation without compromising the quality of your lodgings. Cabins with discounts offer you the same level of comfort as that offered in many high-end places. Amenities and luxuries may include an exclusive private spot near the river, access to a hot tub, complimentary breakfast and snacks, or a home theatre with a bulk reduction in the price. 

Use The Trolley To Get Around

Towns like Gatlinburg have access to a local trolley service which can take you anywhere you want to go for a nominal fee. These are safe to ride and can also act as an impromptu tour of iconic sights allowing you to catch a glimpse of them. You also save yourself the trouble of driving or using the local taxi service, which can consume too much fuel and money. Places you can cover on foot, such as walking from Gatlinburg to the smokies, can help you cut travel costs. The proximity of the towns makes it easier to move from one place to another without constantly needing a vehicle. 

Don’t Eat Out Too Much

What may start as eating out once or twice can quickly turn into your constant source of nourishment. Restaurants are expensive. While the food is delicious, you can spend more than $500 if you’re not careful. Being on a tight budget entails that you need to minimize the number of times you go out. So try having picnics at your cabin instead. A general rule of thumb is when you’re at a restaurant, try not having two meals every day and switch it over to homemade meals. You can invest in groceries and use them to buy better items than spending $100 on one rich meal. Local eateries also offer you affordable snacks and tasty goods, so if you don’t want high-end food, try settling for these delicious meals instead. 

Look Into Free Activities

Not everything in the smokies costs money. Guided tours and going into museums can get expensive, but the park itself is free. If you’re choosing not to participate in activities that may lead you to give money, don’t entertain those options. While going once or twice to a tour event is fine, if you make it a regular habit, you’ll lose money too fast. It will help if you choose to spend more time in the smokies instead. There are numerous paths and trails to explore, which take you close to the wildness and wildflowers like never before. The only catch when entering the wilderness is to avoid coming close to or hurting an animal. So, before you try your luck and come across these animals, you learn how to tackle them. At a distance, an animal may not perceive you as a threat, but when you go nearby, they may become aggressive and try to hit you.

There are many books on handling an animal, including a grizzly bear. This includes standing tall and trying to create an illusion that you’re more significant than the bear. On the other hand, animals like deer are timid animals and will escape and leave. You can go for a self-exploration trail on the list. Go for self-exploration trips like cades cove. Visit Laurel falls, one of the most impressive water bodies in the south with a mesmerizing cascading body of water. You can also climb the highest summit peak cling dome for your trip. This is an amazing 6,000 feet fall boulder which overlooks the states bordering Tennessee. In culmination, these events will save you money. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling is an expensive hobby. Booking a ticket, a cabin, and then finally leaving for the destination can take a toll on your bank account. For many, this large chunk from their savings is enough to discourage them from traveling. In comparison, others see this as an opportunity to save up and visit locations that are more flexible with money. This is what makes smoky mountains so great. It is the home of the infamous Appalachian culture and a perfect representative of southern hospitality. However, traveling to the Smoky Mountains can become expensive unless you know how to hack your money. The simple saving process is about the discounts and free activities you can tap into. So try to save up by choosing a good and reasonable cabin to relax after a day of adventure and enjoyment while you can save money by walking towards must-see spots instead of wasting money on vehicles. 

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