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6 Reasons to Book a Family Vacation in Thailand

6 Reasons to Book a Family Vacation in Thailand

Traveling with kids can often be a little challenging. Luckily, destinations like Thailand offer amazing opportunities for a memorable and stress-free family vacation with your children. The tropical country has plenty of options for lazy and fun beach holidays, hiking, caving, and so much more. Here are six reasons to book a family vacation to gloriously sunny Thailand.

Vast Variety of Family Accommodations

Thailand has a vast, dazzling array of family-friendly accommodations. You can opt for the Best luxury villas in Thailand that offer opulent comfort, convenient beach access, and complete privacy for the family, but that also don’t cost an arm and a leg. You can also choose to book Thailand Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, budget-friendly hotels and low-cost lodges if you’re planning a long holiday.

Thai Recognition of the Importance of Family

The culture of Thailand has traditionally placed a premium on the importance of family, and Thai society and way of life reflect this. Children are welcome in most places. Hotel and hospitality staff too are accommodating, enthusiastic, and helpful. The locals are warm and sociable. Restaurants are family-friendly too, so you and your kids can dine in a happy, stress-free environment.

Abundance of Family-Friendly Beaches

Thailand’s sun-kissed beaches with their clear, blue waters and white sand are the perfect place for your children and you to relax and have fun. Hammocks for couples and children dot the beaches. The islands also offer plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, diving, boating, and kayaking. There is something to do for everyone, and children are always welcome.

Ease of Traveling

Thailand is a small and modern country. Many islands are small enough to be easily covered on foot. Transport is cheap and easily available. Most cities and islands are connected by flight. Train travel is also a great option and affords plenty of opportunities for kids to see different landscapes and learn more about the country. Short journeys can be done via tuk-tuks (three-wheeled, open-air auto-rickshaws). Families can also enjoy travel on the elevated sky trains and by taking boat rides on the rivers.

Profusion of Family-Friendly Hangouts

Thailand has over 1,400 islands. Every island has an abundance of family-friendly hangouts where people of all ages can find something to do and have fun. Sunny beaches have convenient access to restaurants and bars. Bustling malls offer amazing value on shopping. Thai cities and islands provide a large number of family-friendly leisure and recreational activities including bike-rides, skating, English and Thai movies, natural reserves and marine parks, and theme parks and water jungles.

Low-Cost and Delicious Dining Options

Thai cuisine offers a mouth-watering array of seafood and spice-flavored dishes that don’t cost the earth. A number of restaurants serve freshly caught fish and seafood. Food in Thailand is cheap and features local, aromatic staples — recipes vary from shrimp soup bursting with flavor to yummy papaya salad, chicken cooked in fresh coconut sauce, crispy, fried noodles, and much more. Thailand also offers a large variety of inexpensive, American, and international cuisine.

With its many family-friendly amenities and vast variety of things to do, Thailand is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

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