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How a Home Office Can Make Your Property Look Attractive To Homebuyers

How a Home Office Can Make Your Property Look Attractive To Homebuyers

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Nowadays, remote-friendly workplaces are becoming popular around the world. Recent research has shown that most people prefer to work from home. So, adding a home office to your property can increase appeal for buyers who are mostly millennials.

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But before you start planning your next property purchase, it’s better to revamp your current property so that it sells at an attractive rate.

Below are some tips to help you spruce up or create a home office:

1. Designate a suitable space

One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is distractions. So, choose a space that is conducive to professionalism and creativity.  If you have sufficient space, you can dedicate an entire room for the home office. This is a great idea to create a semi-private area for your home. Also, the buyer can picture themselves spending most of the work-from-home days in the room.

2. Let there be light

Instead of putting the desk in the darkest corner, it is good to move it close to the window. Also, choose a room that allows more natural light in. Make sure the view and the garden are impeccable in case potential buyers come for a viewing. Don’t forget to add sufficient artificial lighting like lamps for the night.

3. Make it comfortable

In most offices, employees are provided with a comfortable space to become creative and productive. A home office should offer the same comfort. Therefore, try to add a decent desk, an office chair and rug to make the room as comfortable as possible and functional at the same time.

4. Add a plant

Plants convey warmth and happiness in a space. The first impression is very important when selling the house. Try to add a floor plant in the home office space. Alternative, you can opt for a desk plant. For both options to look presentable, try to pair the plant with a colourful container.

5. Don’t make it too personal

Potential buyers would like to envision themselves in your home. Therefore, try to remove personal things like photos and your kid’s artwork. This should also apply to the home office. Keeping the home office for work only can help to boost productivity and limit distractions.

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