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Best Accessories for Travelling With Your Dog

Some of the most memorable trips are made when we have our dogs accompanying us. However, the journey may not be as exciting if you do not pack the essential accessories of your dog in your travel baggage. To make ...

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Why You Should Travel to Mumbai in 2020

Mumbai is the second largest city in India and any visitor will find reasons aplenty to include it in their list of places to visit. You may have heard of Mumbai before and, perhaps, even been fortunate enough to visit ...

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5 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Cyprus

Preparing for a trip to Cyprus? In this post you’ll find advice that we consider fundamental if you are planning your visit to the island. Without winding up more, let’s start! Valid passport To start, having a valid passport is ...

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What to Expect on a Luxury Cruise?

If you’ve never been on a luxury cruise you might be curious as to what exactly happens when one gets on the boat and heads off on the great blue ocean. The fact is that your cruise will be a ...

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What You Should Know When Travelling To NYC

New York City is a fantastic place to visit and this is why many tourists have this destination on their travel bucket list. For those who have been to NYC, the general consensus is that this city lives up to ...

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The Top Things To Do and See in Turkey 

Straddling Asia and Europe, the history and culture of Turkey is as fascinating as its location would suggest. From the ancient monuments that reflect the march of conquerors through the land to stunning scenery, the vibrant culture, food and history. ...

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6 Scariest Rides to Enjoy in the World

The commonly found reasons why teens go for adventurous rides include either they want to overcome the fear of flying or they are in love with blood-curdling experiences. No matter what reason you have, amusement park rides are always a hit-show ...

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4 Fun Travel Trip Ideas for Teachers and Students

The benefits of travel for teachers and students cannot be underestimated. Students especially need to interact with their surrounding environment to boost their brain capacity. Every school should budget for educational trips that allow teachers to illustrate further the concepts ...

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How to Feature Professional Travel Videos: Top Tips

There are hundreds of travel videos on the internet that get millions of views and they are simply amazing. Everything in the video looks so nice and perfect that anyone would think that there’s a whole team behind the camera. ...

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A Guide to the Ultimate Bachelor Pad Setup

There is a certain vibe that comes to mind when people think of bachelor pads. We start imagining a flat with leather couches, a complete entertainment suite, a fully stocked bar, and a minimalist colour scheme. Of course, we all ...

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