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The Top Things To Do and See in Turkey 

Straddling Asia and Europe, the history and culture of Turkey is as fascinating as its location would suggest. From the ancient monuments that reflect the march of conquerors through the land to stunning scenery, the vibrant culture, food and history. ...

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6 Scariest Rides to Enjoy in the World

The commonly found reasons why teens go for adventurous rides include either they want to overcome the fear of flying or they are in love with blood-curdling experiences. No matter what reason you have, amusement park rides are always a hit-show ...

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4 Fun Travel Trip Ideas for Teachers and Students

The benefits of travel for teachers and students cannot be underestimated. Students especially need to interact with their surrounding environment to boost their brain capacity. Every school should budget for educational trips that allow teachers to illustrate further the concepts ...

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How to Feature Professional Travel Videos: Top Tips

There are hundreds of travel videos on the internet that get millions of views and they are simply amazing. Everything in the video looks so nice and perfect that anyone would think that there’s a whole team behind the camera. ...

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A Guide to the Ultimate Bachelor Pad Setup

There is a certain vibe that comes to mind when people think of bachelor pads. We start imagining a flat with leather couches, a complete entertainment suite, a fully stocked bar, and a minimalist colour scheme. Of course, we all ...

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Transferwise Borderless Account Review 2021: Pros and Cons

UK-based TransferWise began operations in 2011 and has given people an easy and cost-effective way to make international fund transfers since. It became one of London’s first fintech unicorns, attracting investments from Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, and Baille Gifford, ...

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10 Best Day Hikes In Europe You Need to Explore!

After hiking for quite some time now, I realized how amazing it felt. There’s something about feeling the burn and sweating your butt off as you climb the rocky terrain. It isn’t just about the beautiful scenery once you get ...

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8 Essential Tips to Follow When Travelling the USA

People take to travelling every day when they want to follow their inner explorer and see more of the world, and one of the most popular destinations to date is the United States. Whether you live there or have never ...

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Planning Your Perfect Trip: A Guide

Going on holiday is something many people do just once a year. It’s a time to have some time off from work, get away from it all and have fun with your family and friends. But planning it can be ...

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Do Travel Writing Jobs Pay Enough To Travel Full Time?

Traveling is an experience unlike any other. The sites you see, the people you meet, it’s almost too good to be true. Typically, when we go on these traveling adventures, we like to keep some journal about the trips we take. ...

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