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The Top Things To Do and See in Turkey 

Straddling Asia and Europe, the history and culture of Turkey is as fascinating as its location would suggest. From the ancient monuments that reflect the march of conquerors through the land to stunning scenery, the vibrant culture, food and history. There aren’t many visitors who can help but fall in love with Turkey.

Offering every type of holiday possible, from beach relaxation to Ottoman and Byzantine historical treasures to explore, the country is filled to the brim with attractions, and it’s easier to visit now than ever before with the option of securing and electronic Visa to Enter Turkey. Just take a look at only a few of the country’s offerings below.

1. Walkthrough ruins at Ephesus

Ephesus is one of the world’s most intact, preserved and breathtaking ancient cities. The beautiful Greco-Roman city where one home to 250,000 people and the ruin show how such a city would have once been a thriving metropolis.

The site is vast, so much so that many visitors hire guides to ensure they are getting the most from the trip. This also makes sure that the visit is tailored to personal preference as the site is so big, it is often necessary to avoid some areas to spend more time exploring others.

Once a visit to the city is complete many people then take a trip to the Ephesus museum, located at the heart of the nearby town. The museum displays some of the ancient city’s most impressive artefacts, which include the carved Artemis statue.

2. The natural wonder of the Cappadocia 

The sweeping rock valleys of Cappadocia is a breathtaking sight, appearing to be a type of fairytale land. The cliff and hills of the region are filled with views of the honeycombed rocks and towering boulders that have been eroded by water and wind over centuries to form a sight that can be seen nowhere else in the world.

Visitors can either hike up the hills to discover the stunning views or take a hot air balloon ride. Make sure to check out the Byzantine churches that are carved into the rock faces too!

3. Mount Nemrut 

One of the most striking attractions in all of Eastern Turkey, Mount Nemrut’s summit is home to the remains of the once gigantic statues that are believed to have guided the region. The attraction seems isolated and somewhat surreal to many who visit, being one of Turkey’s most peculiar sights. The huge heads of stone lie on the ground staring up at the mountain top.

The best time to visit is before dawn, watching the stone heads appear in the first sunlight is an experience had to forget.

4. Pamukkale 

Another one of Turkey’s surreal natural sights, Pamukkale is a cascade of warm, white pools that pang from the side of a steep valley. The spectacular geological sight, who’s name literally translates to “Cotton Castle” is also home to the ruins of the Roman Hierapolis. This is an ancient spa town that sits on top of the hill and is the reason that this site is Turkey’s most visited tourist attraction.

5. Cruise the Mediterranean 

For those that want to soak in the sun, Turkey’s vast Mediterranean coastline is the perfect place. From ruins to stunning coastal views, the comfort of a yacht can offer relaxation and entertainment all in one.

For a Turkish boat trip, many travel to Bodrum where a cruise will travel past the high wooded hills, white-sand beaches and deserted island to reach its final destination of Fethiye. The most famous coastal trips are known by the name ‘Blue Cruise,’ which moves from Fethiye down south to near Olympus.

6. Make some time for self-care and self-improvements 

Turkey has, for centuries, been the go-to place for visitors who want a little pampering on holiday. Turkish baths offer a spa treatment like no other. A communal bathing place that is often decorated with the most beautiful mosque patterns. Choose to either go and soak in these many baths alone or pay a little more to receive and massage and scrub.

For those after a little more rigorous pampering, hair transplants in Turkey are some of the most popular modern treatments. Turkey’s hair transplant industry is one of the best in the world; procedures are available at much more affordable prices than possible in America or Europe. To find out more click here.

7. Pay a visit to the old city of Ani

Close to Turkey’s border with Armenia, Ani, now abandoned, was one of the region’s most powerful cites. The wonderful red-brick buildings were once the Armenian capital until the 14th century, now sit crumbling against the backdrop of stretching grassland. The churches of St Gregory and Redeemer with their stunning stone word and frescos are particularly worth a visit.

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