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5 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Cyprus

Preparing for a trip to Cyprus? In this post you’ll find advice that we consider fundamental if you are planning your visit to the island. Without winding up more, let’s start!

Valid passport

To start, having a valid passport is essential if you want to visit the Turkish part of Cyprus, which is in the North. Today, the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is divided in two. It has a Greek part and a Turkish part. This is practically the biggest conflict in the country since 1974 when Turkey invaded northern Cyprus. Many people will tell you that visiting Nicosia is not safe, but it really is. Many tourists visit the capital every day and say that it is really curious how there are streets whose passage is cut by the wall that marks the border between the two sides.

Credit card for car rental

If you want to rent a car, it is best to have a credit card (and not debit) because the owner will retain the deposit in case you have any mishap with the car. Most companies do not accept the debit card. Additionally it’s a good idea to rent the car online especially if you are going to make a short trip in Cyprus or if you are going to cross the island. For more information on car hire in Cyprus check enjoycarhire.com. Normally, people who stay in a hotel and go to the beaches near it, take a taxi from the airport or a bus, so depending on your type of trip, you will need a car or not. Make an itinerary before anything to plan your expenses.

Drive on the left

Following the theme of the car, you have to know that in Cyprus, as in Malta or the United Kingdom, they drive on the left. We were a little nervous at first but after half an hour on the road, fear dissipated. Roundabouts are the most problematic. There are turbo-roundabouts and you have to look carefully before entering the marks that are painted on the road as they show the information where it is explained if you should take the inner or outer lane.

Use adapter

Cyprus not only has left-hand driving as a characteristic British feature but also uses plug adapters. Luckily even if you forget to bring one, the hotels usually have many to offer so you don’t have to buy any. Anyway, as it should be somewhat common for people not to have plug adapters, they are sold in all supermarkets in tourist areas.

Do not stay in the Ayia Napa party area

We could say that Ayia Napa is divided into three parts: the party area, the most familiar area and the area where there is only nature and it is an unbuilt territory. As I mentioned before, we were in the party area the first day and we were quite horrified. Unfortunately, we didn’t know it but our hotel was right in the heart of the party. The problem with the party in Ayia Napa is that it is very similar to the party in Mykonos. Being in this part is like being in an invented city. The area is very lively but also very noisy. It’s worth visiting if you’d like to enjoy the nightlife of the city but sleeping there is not a good idea.

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