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5 Favourite Photos of London

5 Favourite Photos of London

The city of London has always held mystery for any foreigner visiting this capital. It is considered as one of the largest financial centre in the world, and it is home to many of the largest companies in Europe. Some of the most popular attractions in London are the St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Palace, to name a few.

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London Seen from Space – 2016

Most of you might have been high at least once on a Saturday night, but British astronaut Major Tim Peake took the definition of being high to a space high level. While Major Tim Peake was stationed at the International Space Station on Saturday the 31st of January, he shot an image of London at midnight. This image of London shows lengths of twinkling lights shining all around the Thames River, with the brightest lights shining around Regent Street and Oxford Street.

Regent Street – 2009

One picture clicked by the famed British Photographer called Paul Reas in 1990, gained international interest as it quite quizzical. The picture depicts a crowd where everyone is looking up and raising their arms as if to grab something, which is most probably some kind of giveaway.  What makes the picture special, is perhaps its illuminated atmosphere of mass delirium or you may even wonder if it’s not religious devotion. Reas has rightly targeted consumerism in the current era with this great satirical picture that went viral over the media.

Possession Order – 1998

Tom Hunter’s picture of a young woman with the morning light shining on her is perhaps one of the most narrative picture in London. It seems that the woman has stepped out of a 17th century novel, but the reality is that it’s a late 20th century one. This picture shows Fillipa, a squatter reading an eviction letter that has been sent to her by the Hackney Council. At the time, Hunter, who was a member of the squatter community of Hackney, took the picture for his ‘Persons Unknown’ album. This picture has since won the John Kobal National Portrait Award.

The Iron Lady Leaving Downing Street – 1990

Major political events have been witnessed by the world at Downing Street in London, but one of the main drama happened back in 1990 and that too behind closed doors.  Images by Ken Lennox, showing Margaret Thatcher leaving No. 10 Downing Street for the last time has been named as one of the best photo of the last century. This was the only time when the world was shocked to see a tearful Margaret Thatcher after she was disposed as the Tory leader.

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