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Which are the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria?

Which are the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria?

Golden sun-kissed seasides like Sunny Beach, Sozopol, and Golden Sands can be found along the 378 kilometers of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline. When exploring the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and Bulgaria beaches, don’t miss out on these top seashores. Bulgaria has golden sand, river beaches, wild beaches, nude beaches, beaches near all-inclusive resorts, fishing villages or islands, and everything in between.

Тop 7 most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria

  • Golden Sands ‒ located just over 20 kilometers from the resort and ancient Roman town of Varna, is less salty than Sunny Beach. Still, it comes in second place for super-resorts and nightlife (its main drag of debauchery is called “Party Street”) It is one of Bulgaria’s best seaside, but the Golden Sands Nature Park surrounds it; Regional spa centers also use the healing water from the park’s hot mineral springs;
  • Albena ‒ the coast of Albena is one of the most kid-friendly, with water parks, bowling alleys, mini-golf courses, and theme parks to show for it; Another clue about who runs the fiefdom is the fact that miniature trains are one of the primary modes of transportation on the beach. The tranquil, clear waters appear to be made especially for children as the long, pollution-free white sand dips into them: The sea is only 1.6 meters deep, even at 150 meters from the shore. A free beach library adds to Albena’s appeal. Nightlife aims to give parents a break, hopefully;
  • Irakli beach ‒ Have you misplaced your gloves? Get to Irakli right away! The naturist Irakli is a favorite getaway for anyone who wants to get a bronze tan. It is one of the few untamed seasides that still exists in Bulgaria. The widespread availability of free camping will please your credit card. Every 30th of June, or “July Morning,” a large crowd of hipsters descends on Irakli to celebrate the sun rising above the Black Sea;
  • Sozopol ‒ They decided to stay due to a truly amazing stretch of shoreline that reminded them of their home country and is no stranger to the category of “beautiful Bulgaria beaches.”The large Harmani Beach and the smaller town Beach are located in the former Apollonia. The Golden Fish and Kavatsi Beaches, just a few kilometers from the city center, are more popular among campers and sunbathers. Can’t choose? Take a stroll along Sozopol’s ancient southern walls to get a look at them all;
  • Silistar beach ‒ one of the few beaches in Bulgaria with the “protected” designation is Silistar, which defies description. Because it is so far out in Strandzha National Park, getting it is difficult, but it has a lot of elegance. You can expect to see some wildlife, great diving, and some nudists. The shallow and absurdly clean waters of Silistar make it a popular swimming spot; Despite having rocks and rocky ends, the small beach has fine, soft sand. Camping in the wild around forests is allowed;
  • Sunny Beach ‒ Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s largest and most active resort, is perhaps the most well-known of all the coasts. Sunny really lives up to its name with its 8 km of fine sand beaches and 1700 hours of sunlight per year from May to October. This coast is full of multi-story resorts and hotels, billions of restaurants, water sports, hired tents, and some of the strangest nightclubs in the country. It also has a slightly different, underappreciated species of wildlife: It is home to the majority of the last natural dunes and rare plant species on the coast;
  • Sinemorets Veleka beach ‒ Sinemorets is a small Bulgarian coastal village that has long been a popular vacation spot for families. This is due to the numerous beaches, tranquil surroundings, and laid-back atmosphere. The city’s main beach is Butamyata, followed by Velveka, where the same-named river empties into the ocean. It lacks basic amenities and is a part nudist beach. However, you must visit this location if you want peace and quiet. It is one of Bulgaria’s quiet beaches;

You won’t go wrong if you choose to visit one of these beautiful beaches for your summer holidays.

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