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Why Singapore Is a Great Place to Live and Work

Why Singapore Is a Great Place to Live and Work

Whether you’re planning to move for work, or if you’re just after a complete lifestyle shift, then moving to Singapore presents a world of opportunity. Thanks to its wealth of culture and history, as well as the advantages that the country presents for workers and tourists, there is a growing number of expats who enjoy everything that Singapore has to offer, from great food to a secure future. If you’re on the fence about choosing Singapore, or you’ve only just started thinking about your relocation options, then this guide is for you – we’ll be breaking down the biggest reasons why Singapore is a great place to live and work!

High Quality Housing  

First up, and most importantly when it comes to relocating abroad, Singapore offers great value high quality housing. If you’re looking for a penthouse apartment, for example, you can use PropertyGuru to find a suitable match for you that is luxurious while still being budget friendly. As a pioneering property technology company in Southeast Asia, you can trust PropertyGuru to help you source your dream property thanks to their knowledgeable approach that keeps clients at the forefront.

The country also benefits from a solid reputation for safety, having regularly ranked highly on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index, meaning you can relax and enjoy your new lifestyle without worry.

A Progressive Working Environment

If you’re considering a move to Singapore, then you’re probably interested in working life and the economy there. With 9 in 10 foreign workers reporting in a government survey that they are happy with working in Singapore, you can be certain that you’ll have a great experience thanks to lucrative, competitive salary offerings and a growing globalized economy.

What’s more, getting a work permit in Singapore is relatively straightforward, thanks to the country’s low population which is driving the demand for skilled international workers. Once you’ve obtained your worker’s permit, you only need to have lived and worked in the country for one year before you can start applying for permanent residency. This is a great opportunity for workers who wish to one day start a family and raise children in a caring and safe country that will provide exposure to a range of different people and cultures.

A Thriving, Mixing Pot of Culture

An incredible aspect of living and working in Singapore is the true mixing pot of cultures that you’ll find yourself immersed in. Singapore has some breath-taking landmarks and sights to see, and by speaking to locals you have the chance to meet a range of people with different life experiences to share. This is handy when it comes to working life in Singapore, especially if you’re learning one of the country’s spoken languages.

By chatting to the locals, not only can you boost your language learning, but you can also get insights into recommended food places and taste the rich variety of Singaporean cuisine. From the bustling spaces of Hawker centers to the open-air Cze Chas, you’re guaranteed to find a spot to taste delicious traditional dishes such as Laksa and Bak Chor Mee.

Endless Travel Opportunities

Another great part of living and working in Singapore is the travel opportunities that you can take advantage of thanks in part to the country’s geographical location, but also its high quality and well thought out travel network. With the high number of public holidays enjoyed by Singaporeans, you’ll never be short for time to enjoy traveling, and the country is close to some fantastic locations like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. And that’s not all – there is a whole host of nearby countries that you can tick off your traveling bucket list with ease.

If you’re looking to travel within Singapore, and really make the most of what this vibrant and exciting country has to offer, then you’re in luck – Singapore Tour Packages boasts a well-designed and organized public transport system, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), which is well-linked to most major cities and towns and provides access to many of the country’s most famous and distinguished landmarks.

If you’re just visiting, it’s easy to get a Singapore Tourist Pass that will provide unlimited travel on the MRT for a set fee and make your adventures straightforward. If you’re a resident, or in Singapore for work, then there are a few ways that you can adapt your travel card to suit yourself.

Although this article only begins to scratch the surface when it comes to living and working in Singapore, you can be certain that pursuing a life in this exciting country will be an exhilarating step and one which will pay dividends when it comes to your working and personal satisfaction. From the beautiful sights to the mouth-watering traditional food, Singapore is a no-brainer if you’re looking to upgrade your lifestyle. As long as you secure the right property with the help of experienced real estate professionals, a life of adventure and wonder awaits.

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