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The Very Best of Budapest!

If you are looking for a European getaway that differs a little from the likes of Barcelona, Paris and London, why not consider the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This is a truly beautiful city in the classical sense of the word and a city which has so much for visitors to see, explore and do. The city is actually split in two between the districts of Bud and Pest, separated by a stunning chain bridge. Whether you decide to spend a weekend in the city on your own, or involve in part of a cruise of the sprawling River Danube, you will most definitely not be disappointed by the city. Let’s have a look at some of the best things that you can do in Budapest.

Thermal Springs

Such is the geology of Budapest, you can find some thermal springs and baths, right in the center of the city. These baths are not only popular as a tourist attraction and in fact, many locals use these baths a couple of times per week. It is not everyday you get the chance to jump into a thermal bath in the heart of a city, but that is exactly what you can do in Budapest.

Walking the Bridge

Walking the bridge is a great tourist feature but it is actually something that you will find yourself doing anyway as you explore the city. The bridge connects the business district from the city center and sees heavy footfall everyday. Once you have walked across the bridge once, the novelty may wear off but that first time that you set foot on it, you know that you are hitting a major landmark in the city.

Nighttime Cruise

Unlike with many cities that have big rivers, Budapest almost presents itself on the river’s edge, rather than simply allowing it to flow through its heart. Fo this reason it makes a lot of sense for you to head out on an evening and sail a little down this famous river, enjoying the night sky and some delicious food.


Underneath Budapest, there is a vast and sophisticated network of caves and tunnels which you can explore. The rushing waters which created the thermal springs, also hollowed out this huge expanse of caves and it is well worth exploring. Strap on your hard hat and some overalls and get beneath the city for a truly unforgettable experience.

Segway Tour

I have taken many Segway tours across the world and this was by far the most fun. The large majority of Budapest is incredibly flat and well paved which means that you can fly about on your Segway and explore all four corners of the city. There is also a great amount of space in the capital, something which can rarely be said about cities like this and that means that getting around is an absolute breeze.

If you want to see a altogether different side to Europe, make sure that Budapest is on your list of places to visit.

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