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Canada’s Popular Sports Betting Markets

Canada’s Popular Sports Betting Markets

Canada has a fairly open policy when it comes to sports betting online and the regulations imposed has helped make it a safe option for Canadian bettors. As with any sort of money related online industry, there are rogue sites that shouldn’t be trusted.

In general, online sports betting in Canada is quite popular and has become even more so over the last few years. Canada is a sports driven country and while many different sporting events from around the world can be bet on, Canadian bettors have a few favourites that are major sports in Canada.

The Major Sports Betting Markets

Canada’s wintery climate and close proximity to North America make certain winter sports and America’s top sports some of the most popular betting markets.

Ice hockey is, by far, the most popular sport with a huge sports betting market. The NHL comprises of teams from both Canada and America but the betting market for this sport is popular on all levels.

La Crosse is another top sport in Canada and while it is less popular around the world, the Canadian betting market for this sport is large enough to prove its popularity in the country.

Curling is a Canadian sport made famous in the Winter Olympics. The game consists of two teams with four players in each. The goal is to slide stones towards a target down a sheet of ice. There are major competitions held nationally in this sport which makes it popular with Canadian online bettors.

Other popular sports betting markets in Canada are those associated with America. The AFL is quite popular although Canada’s own Canadian Football League is just as popular and has its own set of rules quite different from American football. Both basketball and baseball have huge sports betting markets in Canada.

Canadian sports betting markets that are popular amongst online bettors also include various horse racing events, golf, rugby and soccer. The soccer World Cup is a favourite for online betting.

Online Sports Betting in Canada

Canadian bettors have a big selection of online options from locally regulated sites to internationally based sites. The locally licensed online sportsbooks have a more limited supply of betting options but they are typically safe and secure.

The internationally licensed online sportsbooks have a much bigger selection of betting options but Canadian bettors must first ascertain whether they are accepted and whether the sites are safe and secure.

Plenty of the best online sportsbooks around the world accept Canadians and CA$ which means convenient transfers for betting and claiming wins. They offer Canadian and NZ horse racing tips,   bonuses and various promotions to new bettors who sign up and existing bettors who frequently return.

All of the associated odds for the various sports betting markets are typically available online and while they can never be guaranteed, they are more accurate at reliable online sportsbooks than untrustworthy ones.

A host of information about the bets available, the different odds, history of teams and players and more is available on the internet and can help bettors make the best possible bets for their respective sports betting markets.

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