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Why CBD Dabs Are a Better Alternative For Healthy You?

Medical marijuana rose to fame because of its numerous medicinal benefits. But if you consider what drove its popularity, the answer would be none other than CBD. I am sure every one of you would agree with that. Besides helping with chronic pain and inflammation, CBD is known to manage symptoms of various disorders, such as depression, insomnia, diabetes, among a lot of other things.

But there are many ways that one can use CBD. But guess what? CBD dabbing wins in every which way! Why? It’s because this is one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD since you’re avoiding any toxic elements. Plus, the best part, you won’t get high! That’s like the icing on the cake!

What Does Research Say?

If you consider research and studies, CBD dabs have the highest absorption rate compared to all the other orally consumed CBD options available. In fact, as per the studies, this form influences receptors in a way that helps to maintain homeostasis. It could be the body’s immune system, cell tissues, or organ systems.

Again, well-documented research states that dabbing CBD oil is one of the safest ways to consume the herb, especially for medicinal purposes.

Now that you know the importance of CBD dabs, the next step is to learn more about doing the action part, i.e.:

How to Get Started With CBD Dabbing?

If you find a way to get a high-quality CBD concentrate, the next thing would be finding the best dab rig. Since they come in various sizes and styles, you can choose the one that suits your needs and wants.

So, what should be included in your dab rig kit to get the right start. Ideally, it must have a quartz banger, storage jars, metal dabber, and of course, a dab rig. But if you want to take the experience to another level, kingspipes.com suggests adding a reclaim catcher to your dab rig. It will help you to catch the leftover reclaim. Thus, it helps keep your dab rig clean for maximum sessions without having you clean it again and again.

Once you have your tools in place, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Heat the nail until the surface becomes red.
  2. The optimal temperature is around 160-180 degrees. Any higher will degrade the terpenes in the product. Ideally, it takes approximately 20 seconds to heat the nail.
  3. Now use the dab tool and place the CBD dab on the nail and start inhaling the vapor. Exhale the vapor instantly after that.

Once you are done with the session, clean the nail, and remove any leftover residue.

In the End,

Dabbing CBD is a fantastic experience if you haven’t already started. However, if you are using it for medicinal purposes, it’s advisable to contact an MMJ doctor first. They will help you decide on the products to enhance the therapeutic results further. Plus, they will recommend the ideal dosage to manage your condition in the best possible way.

So, are you all set to your first CBD dabbing experience?

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