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4 Must-Sees In Dallas

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Dallas is one of the largest cities in the United States, and the combined Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area ranks even higher. As a result, the area is full of amazing sights and wonders, offering plenty of attractions for tourists and residents alike. However, some of these attractions are absolute must-sees, and you definitely should go out of your way to experience them. So if you just closed on one of the Dallas houses for sale, what are the first attractions you should visit? Let’s take a look.

Dallas Museum of Art

If you’re someone who loves art, then you’re certainly in the right city. The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the best art museums in the country, the perfect destination for art lovers. This museum has an extremely extensive collection of art, a collection that spans several thousand years. Some pieces may predate the Roman Empire, while others may have been created in the last few decades. In all, the museum houses well over 20,000 pieces of work, meaning that you’ll surely find some pieces that you enjoy. In addition, some of these pieces were created by extremely famous artists like Van Gogh. If you have any interest in art at all, you definitely need to see this attraction.

Reunion Tower

A key figure in the Dallas skyline is Reunion Tower, a massive observation deck. Once you familiarize yourself with the city, you’ll always recognize the Reunion Tower’s LED in the skyline. One of the best things about Reunion Tower is the amazing observation deck. Here you can overlook the entire city of Dallas, providing you with a picture-perfect view. There are even several restaurants at the top, allowing you to enjoy some fine dining with the best view you’ve ever seen. If you want to visit an iconic part of Dallas,  you need to check out Reunion Tower.

AT&T Stadium

Most people know about the Dallas Cowboys, the extremely famous NFL team that calls the city home. The team has experienced unprecedented success in the past, eventually being known as “America’s Team.” Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, built AT&T Stadium for the Cowboys to play their home games in. Although seeing a Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium is an experience like no other, that isn’t the only thing you can do at the stadium. The stadium, affectionately nicknamed “Jerryworld,” hosts a wide variety of entertainment events such as concerts and rodeos. Some of the biggest names in entertainment perform here, so you definitely need to get out and experience this attraction.

Nasher’s Sculpture Center

One of the best parts about Dallas is the city is home to some absolutely amazing museums. One museum that stands out, in particular, is the Nasher’s Sculpture Center. Initially just the private collection of Raymond Nasher, the sculptures became a part of an exhibit following his passing. All different sorts of sculptures are on display at the museum, ensuring that you’ll find some truly magical works of art in the collection. In fact, pieces made by famous sculptors like Alberto Giacometti and Barbara Hepworth can even be found in the collection. If you want to see a truly breathtaking collection, then you need to check this museum out.

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