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What are the Best Prohormone Stacks?

Bodybuilders and weightlifters are always looking for ways to enhance their workouts and build muscles. Just in case you are one, you can see a few tips on muscle building here. There are several ways to enhance workouts including taking steroids for added strength, increased muscle mass, and stamina. While taking these steroids, care must be taken to ensure that one is not taking illegal substances or drugs that are harmful to one’s health. This is where prohormones can be of immense help.

While anabolic steroids can be said to be an imitation of testosterone, they can be dangerous and harmful especially when using them for a prolonged length of time. Prohormones are like weaker versions of anabolic steroids; they are mostly legal and are not as harmful to the body.

The side effects of prohormones are limited and mild. They may include acne, hair loss, increased blood pressure and stress on the liver. These may be prevented by buying quality products or if you choose to stack, buying already prepared stacks rather than combining the stack by yourself. Other practices that can help include: using appropriate dosages, having moderate cycles and observing a post cycle therapy will help.

What are Prohormones?

They are chemical substances that can be said to be pro-steroids because they are placed in a category between being a testosterone booster and anabolic steroids. They may be converted to anabolic hormones through an enzymatic process in the body or they can be active without a need for conversion. They have a greater effect than SARMS and they help the body to naturally create hormones. They basically work like steroids, enabling the body to burn fat and build muscles.

For bodybuilders and people aiming to gain muscle mass or burn fat, using one supplement only is usually not enough to achieve that bodybuilding aims so a lot of people will rather use stacks. Stacks refer to the combination of different supplements so as to achieve maximum results. Since prohormones are supplements, we can therefore deduce that there are also prohormone stacks.

What are Prohormone Stacks?

From the definition of stacks above, it follows that a prohormone stack is the combining and use of different prohormones together. This enables more specificity as to when compared to using testosterone. One benefit of using prohormone stacks is an increase in results and a decrease in unwanted results and side effects. Stacking allows you to be more direct in your approach, to reach your goals quicker and maximize the gains you make.

Depending on your bodybuilding goals, there are different stacks available ranging from those that help with bulking, cutting to amassing, increasing strength and enhancing endurance. Whatever your goal is, it is important to get the right information. This saves you time, money and stress as you would not need to go through a process of trial and error before you know what works for you.

You can either create your own stack or use existing blends of stacks in which the job of combining already been done for you. For newbies, it is advisable to use pre-existing blends instead of combining your own. Also, when stacking, do not run each drug on full doses as you normally would when they are taken alone.

Whatever level you are maybe an amateur or professional athlete, and whatever the purpose of your workouts be it weight gain, amassing muscle or losing fat, there are specific stacks that will fit into your goals. While muscle building stacks will help you in bulking, cutting stacks helps to achieve a lean body. You can read all you need to know about prohormone stacks here: https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/best-prohormone-stack/ .

What are the Best Prohormones?

There exist various manufacturers with different prohormone product names. The common denominator is that they all help build your muscles. The difference between them is the capacity to enhance your muscle which varies from one product to another and is also dependent on both the amount of supplement and the combination present in the stack.

Choosing the best prohormone requires skill as it is based on different factors such as the composition, side effects, legality, etc. With good stacks, you will get immediate results. As prohormones are full of several supplements, all working to aid you, you get to see results within two weeks of using them.

Some of the best stacks include:

Anadrolone: This supplement is one of the strongest available and it can either be used alone or it can be stacked with others. Anadrolone boosts red blood cells and helps to get them oxygenated which is good for metabolism. This in turn helps to increase a person’s energy and strength, resulting in increased stamina and endurance while eliminating or reducing fatigue.

1-androstone: This is also one of the strongest prohormones you can find. With an ability for cutting fat and enhancing lean muscles, it also increases a person’s strength. With 1-androstone, there is no water retention and you can gain between 10lbs to 15lbs in a given cycle.

Panavar: If having lean muscles is your thing, this is the supplement you need. It’s one of the best stack for cutting. What’s more? It is fast-acting and you can be sure of great results as it cuts excess fat making you lean and attractive.

Brutal 4ce: This is relatively the most powerful supplement available. For those serious about building their muscles or adding weight speedily, it is the way to go. Brutal 4ce utilizes 4-DHEA’s anabolic power. With this, adding weight is made easy and added to that is an increase in the testosterone levels. You may wish to read about testosterone, why it is needed and how prohormones can helps to increase its level in the body in this article.

The best stacks are gotten from the best prohormones so the above supplements can either be taken alone or stacked with other substances.


No matter your level in your journey of bodybuilding, depending on supplements alone is not enough and should only be an aid. Before using them, working hard in training and having good dietary habits is crucial. It is advisable that beginners should have at least 2 – 5 years of training before using prohormones.

For a newbie or beginner, ensure you do your research and also talk to more experienced professionals and a doctor before diving into taking prohormone stacks. Finally, it is important to ensure that whatever drug they are using is legal. Research the company and avoid purchasing cheap products that may be harmful to your health.

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