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VitaFLUX Review – A Natural Solution To Enhancing Libido

We all know about the little blue pills, but did you know there are natural solutions that might be just as effective, minus the side effects?

Turns out, erection problems and premature ejaculation is a pretty common amongst men, yet obviously nobody likes to talk about the subject.

A 2019 study cited in Medical News Today put together data from previous studies

The authors reported pooled results from geographical regions:

  • Europe:10–76.5%
  • Asia:8–71.2%
  • Oceania:3–60.69%
  • Africa:24–58.9%
  • North America:7–57.8%
  • South America:14–55.2%

The wide variation in erectile dysfunction occurrence arises because of different survey techniques. However, it is clearly a common problem, even men don’t talk about it.

However, erectile dysfunction is not going to go away on its own, and your first step should always be to ask your doctor to give you a checkup. That way, you find and treat any underlying causes such as prostate enlargement, depression or low testosterone levels rather than just treating the symptoms.

Nitric Oxide to the Rescue

Nitric oxide is the key to erections on demand. The natural ingredients in VitaFLUX all increase your body’s natural nitric oxide production.

When nitric oxide levels are higher, blood flow to your penis increases and it becomes erect more easily.

It’s important to mention that Nitric Oxide isn’t a fad nor it is a theory. There has been many different studies with regards to how (1), (2) and being quite effective, formulating utilizing safe amounts of NO have started to hit the market, and they produce results.

Big Pharma Solution

Viagra and Cialis and their generic alternatives, Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil are the pharmaceutical industry solutions to erectile dysfunction.

They work, but only if you are happy to swallow pills that contain synthetic chemicals at regular intervals, and only if you are happy to remove spontaneous love-making from your sex agenda. Both have time-limited effects and need to be taken at least an hour before your erection is required.

The original drugs are still expensive, but any drug company worldwide can now manufacture the generic drugs and sell them at lower prices.

However, many of the supplies you will find online are made in factories in India and China that would not pass American inspection quality standards. Additionally, when you buy generic drugs from foreign suppliers, you can never be totally confident that you are getting what you expect without any ‘hidden extras.’

The Healthier Solution

What you want is an erection on demand, the way you used to be and it should be. The best way to achieve this perfect outcome is to use a natural solution.

VitaFLUX contains only natural ingredients, so you can be assured it is healthy.

L-Argenine is naturally present in meat and fish. It is an amino acid that helps build protein in your body, but it also increases the amount of nitric oxide you produce.

L Citrulline is found in watermelon, legumes, and nuts. Your kidneys break down into L-Arenine and the all-important nitric oxide.

L-Carnitine-Tartrate is found in all meat, including chicken. Athletes use it to improve their performance. It works by helping to break down large fatty acid molecules, so your body can extract the energy from them.

Magnesium is found in leafy green vegetables, coffee, chocolate, and almonds. It helps keep your arteries healthy.

Zinc is found in oysters, lobsters, chicken, and red meat as well as in nuts and beans. Even with so many sources, many of our diets are zinc-deficient. Zinc is essential for approximately one hundred enzymes to function properly.

All the active ingredients found in VitaFLUX are found in everyday foods, but in small amounts. However, individuals might not be absorbing these nutrients from their food, so need to supplement their diets.

Made in the USA

VitaFLUX is made in an FDA approved manufacturing facility in the USA: You know what you are getting.

Quality control is high and the dosage is consistent across different batches. The same cannot always be said for low-cost imitation ED supplements manufactured abroad.

In Brief

If you are one of the many men who struggle to achieve an erection hard enough for vaginal penetration, there is no reason to suffer in silence. There are natural remedies available that you can buy online without talking to your doctor, before trying harsher drugs.

You can buy VitaFLUX male supplements without a prescription because it only contains natural ingredients. It has many advantages over synthetic drugs including being able to engage in spontaneous sexual activity because your penis works when you want it to without having to plan ahead and take a pill an hour beforehand to get it up.

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