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Useful tips for selecting the right coffee travel mug

If you need cups of good coffee to help you get through your busy days, then buying a travel mug is a necessity for you. Staying caffeinated surely helps, whether it is the slump time at 3 pm or the morning rush hours, and starbucks coffee travel mugs can help in ensuring just that.

In case you have been planning to buy a new coffee travel mug, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you select the right one for yourself.

The size considerations

An average coffee travel mug holds sixteen ounces, though you always have the option to get something that holds only eight ounces or a whopping sixty-four ounces. To give you an idea of what the sizes mean, sixteen ounces is about 1-1/3 can of soda, while sixty-four ounces is equal to a two-litre bottle of soda.

The material you need

You will find travel mugs is basically three types of materials, namely, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminium. Stainless steel is the popular choice among the options because it holds the temperature of the beverage. However, it is also the more expensive option out of the choices you’ll get. Plastic is easy to carry and affordable, but it might retain smells that affect tastes.

The lid type on offer

The lid helps in making the travel mug portable in the true sense of the term. You will get options like lids that screw on, snap-on, press on, or get suctioned onto the insides of the mug. The important thing is that the lid should attach perfectly to the travel mug and be convenient for you to have the coffee when you want.

The length of the time to keep the coffee hot

Most of the travel mugs keep the coffee hot for at least four hours, and the cold drinks for thirteen hours. However, the length of time is not fixed, and it depends on the way the mug is built. It is important to mention in this regard that a stainless steel mug with a screw-on lid might even keep the coffee hot for five hours or more, while a plastic mug with a press-on lid might only manage to do it for three hours.

The style aspects of the mug

It is understandable that a coffee travel mug is completely functional to you, but that does not mean it can’t look good. Check out the options in the market for the ones with bright and beautiful colours. You will even find a few with neon tones or iridescent colours that will make you feel as happy as your daily cups of coffee does. You might even get one that has the logo of your favourite Starbucks embossed on it.

So, that’s it! You now know all about the five considerations that can get you the perfect travel coffee mug that you are looking for. It is time now to go shopping for it.

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