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The World’s Scariest Destinations

We cannot deny the fact that the world is an amazing place, but as amazing as it is, it can also be a creepy place, especially with these travel destinations that we have lined up for you. If you are one who gets scared easily, then it’s best to simply play your real money online casino games than to visit the following travel destinations.

Sedlec Ossuary- Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

The Sedlec Ossuary is part of the former Sedlec Abbey that was a Roman Catholic chapel. And to be honest, we have absolutely no idea how they came up with décor for this place as it is decorated by skeletons of at least 40 000 people. As if that was enough, it is actually a very popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic.

Village of Nagoro- Nagoro, Japan

Nagoro is a village in Japan that does not have that many people. The vast majority of the village are aging adults and all the youth leave as soon as they can. To remedy the solution, an artist, upon returning home to find the dire situation in the village population created life-size dolls to place around the village to give it a sense of life just like high roller casinos. As such there are over 350 life-size toy citizens in the village, sounds like the perfect plot for a horror movie right?

Island of Dolls- Mexico City, Mexico

If you loved the horror movie Anabelle, then we are sure that you will love this place. The Island of Dolls in the Xochimilco canals has dolls all over the trees. And these are not the cute kind of dolls, but the creepy ones that make you second guess buying you baby girl a doll. The island is only accessible by boat and to find out about the history of the thousands of dolls strung on the trees, it is best to visit the place yourself.

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