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The top beaches of Southeast Asia

The top beaches of Southeast Asia

The USP of Southeast Asia is its tropical islands and great beaches. It is hard for the beach lovers to keep away from those white sands and pristine reefs on the shores of the tropical islands in Southeast Asia. Just book one of those Kampar hotels near the secluded beaches and coconut palm coves whether you are in Indonesia, Cambodia or Bali. Do not miss the opportunities to enjoy the serene coastlines and spend your days lazing on the sand. Take a refreshing dip in the clear waters and come back with some fantastic memories.

Here are some of the region’s best beaches!

Rai Leh – a beach paradise in Thailand

Rai Leh beach is arguably the most beautiful beach in Thailand. Relax on those white sands and make a trip to the Ton Sai to enjoy some rock climbing. You also get some gorgeous views from the top. Stay in a nearby hotel or resort for a comfortable stay and enjoy amazing Thai food.

Nha Trang in Vietnam for a memorable beach holiday

Nha Trang with a sweeping crescent beach which is ringed by a necklace of hills indeed makes for a stunning location. Check out the nearby villas and hotels for a terrific view of the bay. Visit the National Oceanographic Museum to take a look at coral reefs, lionfish, sharks, and turtles. Enjoy lip-smacking classic Vietnamese food on the beach restaurants.

Mira Beach of Malaysia for snorkeling

Located on the Perhentian Islands, the beach is accessible only by speedboat. You can swim around the tiny island in a day and later relax with “monkey juice,” a glass of cheap local rum. It is indeed relaxing to laze around on the white sands of the beach which is indeed a diver’s paradise. Enjoy some of the best snorkeling sites here in Southeast Asia.

The happening beach of Sihanoukville in Cambodia

Sihanoukville beach, surrounded by white-sands and undeveloped tropical islands is one of the most happening beach destinations. Apart from enjoying the beach, do not forget to visit the late night market with live music shows. Savor some local delicacies at food stalls selling spicy Mexican food. The bungalows and hotels here provide outdoor activities such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Great snorkeling at Gili Trawangan in Indonesia

Gili Trawangan beach located in Gili Islands is a kind of Woodstock-on-the-Sea. Also known as Gili T, it is a rite of passage for backpackers trying to make it far in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy some superb snorkeling trips here and watch the sun set into the ocean. Savor space cakes, and woodfired pizzas on the stores set along the long beach.

The most picturesque beach, Langkawi in Malaysia

Langkawi is well known as the most picturesque beaches and most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Relax by the pristine waters or go for snorkeling at the Pulau Payar Marine Park. Explore the lush jungles of Pantai Kok and visit the tallest mountain on the island, the Gunung Raya. Stay at Grand Kampar Hotel which lies very close tho0 the beach. Enjoy world-class amenities here at very affordable costs. The stylish hotel boasts of clean and well-equipped rooms along with outdoor pool, fitness center, airport shuttle and free breakfast. Enjoy Malay style rich curries and grilled fish.

The laid-back beaches of Boracay Island in the Philippines

Boracay Island with its sprawling beaches is well known for a laid-back atmosphere. The long stretch of sparkling sands is indeed gorgeous. Enjoy water-sports like kiteboarding, windsurfing, and horseback riding at the Bulabog Beach. The nearby resorts and hotels make for a comfortable and affordable stay. Enjoy great seafood here which is cooked as per your liking.

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