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The Story Of Weed Caviar Has Just Gone Viral!

Gone are the days when the only way to consume weed was through smoking or vaping alone. For people who have been using marijuana for quite some time now, you must be quite aware of the new product releases. For instance, the market is filled with marijuana varieties, such as edibles, tinctures, sublingual, and many more. Isn’t it?

One of such products that are trending amongst the growing marijuana followers is weed caviar. It’s a type of concentrate that’s known for its potency and incredible effects. Keep reading, and you’ll know more about this “new product on the block.”

Weed Caviar Concentrates- The Basics

Weed caviar concentrates are a high-quality cannabis bud rolled in a kief layer after being dipped in hash oil. They are known by multiple names, such as moon rocks, marijuana caviar, caviar concentrates, and many more. Their high potency is the result of the presence of more than 90% THC.

Since they are highly effective and potent, the next question that pops in the mind of the user is:

How Do I Try The Weed Caviar?

If you are trying it for the very first time, then think of it as any other form of cannabis concentrates. Follow the tip- Start low and slow. Why? Because the way you consume the concentrates alters the kind of high, you will get from them. Some of the popular forms to try the caviar is listed below:

Smoking– If you are looking for a simple and straightforward way to try this concentrate, rolling it in a joint would be the easiest way to go for. You can also add cannabis flower or some tobacco to the mix to ensure that the concentrates do not burn on their own.

Vaping- You will need a special chamber in your vape pen or vaporiser to inhale the ingredients of the caviar cannabis. Vaping generally requires a high temperature for the whole process to work smoothly.

Dabbing– It is also a very effective method for inhaling concentrates. If you already have a dab rig and blowtorch, you are all set.

Where Can I get The Marijuana Caviar?

Although these concentrates are not as popular as other options available, they certainly captured many marijuana users’ attention. You can find these concentrates at any Marijuana Store in a legal state. You can also order the cannabis caviar directly to your home, where you can receive it in a safe and discreet packaging.

Wrapping up

The high THC concentration of caviar concentrates works entirely in their favor. Only a small amount of the caviar can give a potent and long-lasting effect, making this product even better than the other forms of smoking weed.

There are also many unique strains of the concentrates which offer exceptional and effective effects. Depending on the impact of a strain, you can choose the one that suits you best. Undoubtedly, caviar is one of the most sought after products or concentrate that we have now. Experts usually recommend going for proportions that contain eight parts hash and one part hash oil to drive the maximum benefits.

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