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The sportiest countries in the world for active travellers

When planning a summer vacation, not everyone is looking for a place to relax. Fans of fitness and sports need locations where they can be on the move day and night. Perhaps with breaks for healthy restorative sleep. 

We and centreforum.org understand that due to the quarantine some restrictions due, but you always can make some plans for the future, right?


Travelling in Morocco can be coupled with the summer warmth on pristine beaches with refreshing surf outings. If the waves in winter are for advanced sportsman (they can reach heights of 5-6 meters), summer is the time for beginners or those who are just planning to get on the board for the first time. The coastline with many spots stretches for more than 1800 km.

To find yourself in a place suitable for the first attempts, you will have to drive a little away from Agadir: for example, to the Taghazout beach, popular among surfers (here is the most popular spot among the spots is Anchor Point). Or go straight to Casablanca, where active rest can be combined with a touring program.


While exploring South America in Brazil, you can discover new activities. In the vastness of this country, they can be completely different. Here, for example, horseback riding tours are popular. Travellers follow the route in the saddle, looking at ranches and hacienda, climbing mountains and crossing rivers. And on the coast, there are diving and surfing (local waves are for those who stand firmly on the board), fresco ball (Brazilian beach tennis), trekking and even rock climbing. You can also decide to climb the “Sugarloaf Mountain”, where are dozens of routes for different levels of difficulty.

Another must-do idea in Brazil is a capoeira lesson: national martial arts, which includes not only punches but also elements of acrobatics and dance. Do not forget, by the way, that Brazil is one of the main places for football fans, so make sure to check the news on meta.reviews before going to the country. If you don’t fancy either of these activities, you know what to pay attention to.

Azores, Portugal

To experience the maximum of activities on the Azores, which are scattered closer to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there is time until September. Their volcanic origin has provided them with an impressive landscape and natural beauties which follow each other at every step. Just imagine lakes, waterfalls and geysers, volcanoes with water-filled calderas, caves and canyons. For extreme canyoning, which is distinguished by the fact that swimming equipment like boats is not used in it, the islands are perfect. 

Cliff diving can add adrenaline: before jumping into the water, those who are keen on this unusual sport jump high from a sheer cliff. In this sense, the most interesting in the Azores is the uninhabited island of Vila Franca do Campo. It is here that the stages of the World Cliff Diving Championship are held, you can check the news on it at Telecomasia.net, although this place is also available to those who do not have much experience in such jumps. The Azores also offer classic diving; the most interesting will be to explore underwater areas with sunken ships near the island of Terceira. We can only add surfing and kitesurfing, but in comparison with the activities above, they are more like a “plan B” option.

South Africa

Another destination without the sweltering heat is South Africa: sunny days in the middle of summer are combined with a comfortable air temperature of about 20 ° C. The capital of South Africa is located on the coast, but all the fun of active tourism lovers awaits in the mountains. You can start with quiet hiking (everything will take 1.5 hours) or a more active trail-ascent to the Lion’s Head mountain; both advised to be combined with paragliding because an even more exciting view opens up from the sky. Table Mountain will be waiting for the next conquest. Climbing one of the dozens of routes to suit your fitness level will take you to a plateau with a new view, including the Lion’s Head on the horizon.

A one-day mini-trip can be a hike to the Cape of Good Hope. Travellers have to overcome a 13-kilometre trail to find themselves at the edge of the world. If after this long but still calm walk you want to get a portion of more thrills, go to Kamikaze Canyon. Here, having organized everything in advance, you can arrange abseiling: a descent on a cable fixed on the top of the cliff. And add to that kloofing: an activity that originated in South Africa includes jumping from waterfalls. Need more experience? Move from the water to the sands: Dragon Dune is a place where people come for sand surfing, “dry” riding on the board.


A trip to China is often perceived as an exotic country, but the thrill can be even greater if sports added to the tourist routes. Hiking on Longji rice terraces, rafting on bamboo rafts on the Li River in Yangshuo, kayaking in the Qiandao Lake of a Thousand Islands or on the Fuchunjiang River: there are many more options than imagination can play out. A hike along the Great Wall of China can be a preparation for The Great Wall Marathon, which includes overcoming more than 5000 steps and is considered one of the most difficult races in the world.


For active sports go to the western states, where there are many national parks within a few hours’ drive from each other. And each of them has its opportunities for people who cannot imagine themselves on vacation without movement.

There is Arches National Park in Utah, which is also the land of the Red Stone, where people go to look at the Martian landscapes with picturesque arches “built” by nature. Awesome views can be combined with trail jogging.

You can see the Grand Canyon in Arizona from the side by hiking or cycling in the national park. But the Colorado River rafting tour is much more exciting, which allows you to look at the striped walls, cliffs and cliffs of the canyon from a different angle.

In California’s Sequoia Park, the pastime will be more relaxing because here you cannot, for example, ride mountain bikes, but you can choose one of the hiking trails and go on a short hike.

By the way, you can also see sequoias in Yosemite Park to the north, where mountain landscapes complemented by waterfalls and lakes left by the glacier. In addition to the classic hiking activities, rock climbing preferred here. Experienced climbers come here on purpose, dreaming of conquering El Capitan, a rock, the conquest of which is the most difficult ascent from a technical point of view.

The world is big, different and open to exploring for anyone, who’s ready to pack the bags and try something new. You surely can find something that you’ll love. Or, at least, could fly to at these days.

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