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Post-COVID Travel Trends That Will Make It Big In 2021

The tourism industry didn’t have a great year in 2020 as the COVID pandemic brought the world to a halt. But 2021 brings fresh hopes for the industry as a vaccine is around the corner and adventure enthusiasts are all set to cover up the missed vacations. However, like everything else, holidays are also going to have a new normal. If you are a travel buff, staying updated with the industry trends will help you get a step ahead with planning your getaways in the New Year. Here are the post-COVID travel trends that are going to make it big in 2021 and beyond.

Road travel will surge

The country has witnessed a massive surge in road travel this year, and the trend will continue ahead. Road trips are safer than air travel because there are fewer chances of contracting the infection. Moreover, people are already in love with the freedom and flexibility of traveling in personal vehicles. You can also expect road trips to cost much less than overseas vacations, so they will be all the more popular in the New Year.

Rise of the local

Travel restrictions and an overall economic downturn have changed the American mindset when it comes to international travel.  The focus is on local tourism, with an increase in the number of people driving to rural areas, campsites, and unexplored territories. It is good news for local economies because they can use the opportunity as a road back to recovery in the new normal.

More spontaneous trips

The remote working arrangements are here to stay as many global companies have decided to continue it in 2021. It becomes easy to travel as you only have to pack your laptop, and you may work from anywhere. Spontaneous, last-moment trips will be in trend, with people booking rentals rather than staying in big hotels. For example, you can easily book these NJ rentals at the last minute, so embarking just when you want to is not a challenge. Also, online bookings will be the preferred mode for people who are keen to find good deals.

Solo travel will take a pause

Although solo trips have always been popular, they are going to pause in the post-pandemic world. Social isolation during the lockdown phase has changed perspectives, and people are craving company right now. They will prefer to travel with family or friends rather than taking solo vacations in the coming time, which means that the solo trend will take a hit for a while.

An eye for hygiene

Travelers will be more conscious than ever about cleanliness and hygiene in the post-pandemic era. Enhanced cleaning is emerging as the top decision-making factor when it comes to accommodation bookings. It comes as no surprise that vacation rental managers and hotel owners are already going the extra mile with health and safety measures at their locations.

The New Year will bring revival for the tourism industry, with trends that will change it forever. For vacationers, holidays will be more about going back to the basics rather than posting glamorous pictures on social media.

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