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Life Decisions You Should Make in Your 20s

What you do in your 20s matters – yes, you can supplement all the serious decisions you’ll have to make regarding careers, personal philosophy and more with a whole lot of fun fuelled by the energy of youth. But even though it takes some experimentation and stress, you’ll come out of your 20s a different person and you’d be churlish to consider the decade as one devoid of responsibility. Here are some of the decisions you should make sooner rather than later.

Should You Travel?

In your 20s you will have the maturity to explore the world by yourself, while also typically not having the career or family responsibilities that might tether you to your current location. A piece of advice that’s given to many people in their 20s is to go travelling, and if you’re contemplating it, be aware that you’re currently at the peak time to travel. It can also be great for your development as travelling is a great way to acquire knowledge and build on the wisdom that will come in handy for the rest of your life.

Financial Stuff Nobody Thinks About

If you’re starting your career, it’s best to think about two things as early as possible. You should start thinking about your retirement plan as soon as you can afford to, but what many people don’t even consider is life insurance. If you get what’s called permanent life insurance in your 20s, you can actually save a tremendous amount of money in the long term as you will be charged in your 60s the same premium as in your 20s. It’s worth checking out a comparison of the best life insurance companies list to see what you can afford at the moment – you might thank yourself later.

Think About Your Body

Not getting in good habits early on can really impact you in the long run. If you completely ignore your health and party, without taking precautions like exercising and eating healthily to somewhat makeup for it, then you will find that redirecting and adjusting your lifestyle in your 30s will be a lot harder. Try to do 30 mins of exercise a for a few days a week and your body will really thank you for it.

Look Around You

If you’re in your 20s, the world is an incredibly exciting place. Learn to enjoy that place and make the active decision to observe your environment as much as possible. This means making a commitment to turn off your phone every now and then, as well as potentially practicing tricks like mindfulness to help you to be happy in your surroundings and observe them as well as you can. It’s like exercise – if you get into a good habit with this, it’ll last you the rest of your life. It might be the time to develop your hobby as well – maybe swap out watching TV for a practicable hobby that can be useful to you in later life. Your brain is much more able to pick up skills in your 20s than when you’re older, so learn to practice and enjoy it.

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