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How to Make Money While Travelling

Remember the days when we could travel the world? You and me both. Pre-pandemic life seems like a whole different lifetime ago. Countries are closing their borders to one another for the foreseeable. The aviation industry grounding entire fleets. Exploring our vast and beautiful world does not seem attainable right now.

One thing to consider, however, is that this gives you some time to save money to go travelling. If you are a lucky person able to travel – whether within your country or internationally – and are looking for innovative ways to support yourself financially as you travel, read on! We have handy tips and tricks to keep you flushed with cash while seeing the sights. If you’re planning a trip for after the pandemic, then these tips could help you to supplement your income and earn extra spending money.

Check Out Online and Offline Options

As we live in a technological age which is advancing daily, there are so many options out there for cash-seeking travellers. Whether you are searching for something which allows you to work from your phone or are someone ready to get their hands dirty with some manual labour; there will be a suggestion here which suits your needs. With a rise in the number of people taking gap years to go travelling, naturally, there has also been an increase in the number searching for work while on these years abroad. In some ways, it can be rather competitive, which is why we have compiled this list to make your search that little bit easier.

Online Freelance Work

If you have taken a tablet or laptop abroad with you, this option should be a piece of cake. There are several different freelance websites out there, offering users the opportunity to showcase their portfolios in order to land some work. With availabilities in admin work, web design and illustration, programming, marketing and legal work, the opportunities appear endless. There are a fair few different fields available, and this is something which easily fits around a busy schedule.

Day Trading

Another easy online option, day trading is the act of buying and selling shares and other financial instruments within the same day. This is something which can be executed from a phone or a laptop, so is perfect for a day in a hostel, or while out and about. Like other online options, this is great for someone who has a packed exploration schedule and is looking for something which will fit around their other commitments. This doesn’t take up masses of time, and when it pays off, it does so very well.

Online Games With Cash Prizes

Playing games for money isn’t something for the faint-hearted but is a much more exciting way of making money online. With a variety of different websites offering thousands of games, there is something available for all. Whether you are someone who loves Roulette, or enjoy playing card games like Blackjack, the opportunities are endless. Similarly, to its online counterparts listed above, this is an option which can easily fit into a busy traveller’s day. With games available to play for pittance, this is something worth considering when a bit strapped for cash. To find out more about this, and how to be safe when gambling online, check out this helpful post.

Travel Blogging

Something which has increased exponentially in the last few years, travel blogging is also an interesting option to consider. For those who can’t afford to travel, living vicariously through travel blogs is how they get their fix. Finding a niche thing to talk about will enable your blog to attract an audience. Whether you talk about independent restaurants in the Southern Melbourne area, or the best nightclubs in Lagos. Finding a gap in the blogging market and filling it will allow you to bank on this fun and unique way of using social media to earn money while travelling the world.

Fruit Picking

The first of our offline suggestions, this is something which has increased in popularity with those travelling in places like Australia. A lot of fruit farms in countries like these, rely heavily on the tourism industry and those with working visas. This is a great option to consider when wanting to travel continuously, as a lot of fruit picking farms offer their workers decent pay, and somewhere to stay. You get to create a social network with other travellers doing the same and experience the beautiful countryside. What more could you want?

Café/Restaurant Work

A common job to have, but one that does certainly pay off. Especially in tourist-heavy areas, cafes and restaurants are often crying out for help. If staying in a hostel, enquiring with staff there if they know of anything in the local area would not go amiss. If anyone is bound to know about the area you are staying in, it is them. This is great for those who don’t mind being on their feet for a long period of time. The best thing? You get to earn money, create a network with the local people and work hours which allow you to still explore and travel the local areas.

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