If you have never travelled for free or want to travel but do not want to use your savings, then you’ve got high hopes. There is plenty of simple life-changing hacks that can help you travel without money. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy yourself and at the same time put your savings into investments. You can invest your savings in online trading considering that companies like CMC Markets offer online trading in foreign exchange, spread betting and contracts for difference in world markets.

Free Transportation

You will pay nothing if you just take a walk to where you want as long as it’s a walkable distance. It does not matter the hours you will spend, if you are strong enough then you can hike into the jungle, walk to the best beaches, and walk across the city all day. You see, when you walk you save cash, get to do some exercise and connect with what’s around you.

You can also see plenty of things if you decide to take a bicycle and cycle from one point to wherever you want to go. This seems to be hard but you can do it to save you some money. If you can’t carry your own bicycle then you can buy an old one in your destination and sell it later on as you leave.

Carpooling is also another way you can go about cutting down your costs. There are tons of carpooling resources and shared rides online. You can use them to pay a small amount but sometimes you can be lucky to find a free ride. To save you from the hustle, you can use Bla Bla Car to find reputable drivers anywhere.

Travel Hacking

If you know how you can work the system then travel hacking would be great for you. With travel hacking, you need to understand how frequent flier miles, credit card offers, and reward points work so that you can gather enough credits that can enable you to get free hotels and flights anywhere in the world.

Find a Job in Your Destination

No one would ever want to work while on vacation but it is fairly wise to do so if you do not want to interfere with your savings. The money you find might just be enough to fund your adventures and even get you more money for your savings. To get you on the safe side, you can do short-term jobs which include being an English Teacher, a lifeguard or a ski resort worker among other jobs.

Free Camping

There a lot of places across the globe where people camp for free so you only need to search for them. Camping for free means that you will take with you everything you will need because you are not going to get any amenities or services such as toilets and picnic tables.

Couch Surfing

This is one of the most famous ways to sleep without paying. You just need to sign up for Couch Surfing and search for hosts offering free bed, couch or a free bedroom. The good thing is that you can even find hosts who will give you breakfast and take you to their favourite parts of the city or town. This saves you money especially when you are travelling to expensive cities like London and Singapore.

Even though couchsurfing is helpful, you should take some precautions especially if you are a woman travelling by yourself. There are men out there who use couchsurfing to pick up women. It would be wise if you plan prior to your travel date and try to find hosts with common interests and good reviews.


This is a comfortable and luxurious option for free lodging. Some people do leave their homes for vacation so this is where house sitting comes in, you just look after someone`s home. During your stay, you make sure that everything is secure and in the right place and in return you pay nothing for your stay. Getting a good home is not that hard, you can sign up with Trusted Housesitters and look for the best place.

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