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Five High-Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online In 2021

If you want to make a career change or acquire new skills that pay well, then you need to enhance your digital skills. As routine jobs become automated and outsourced, the demand for digital jobs is increasing.
These creative careers are not like your traditional jobs or careers. People hire you based on your digital portfolio and art projects, and not your degree or certificate. You must continue to learn and improve your skills in order to keep your portfolio current. If you are lacking in some skills you might want to get custom thesis writing to boost them up.
If you’re focused and determined, you can learn many of the high-paying digital jobs.

1. Developer of iOS Apps

The fastest way to earn high five figures in today’s economy is by learning iOS development. It is possible to create iPhone apps, even though it is hard to learn. This is what makes it so profitable.
Start your iOS development career with the four-part University of Toronto iOS App Development with Rapid certification. It takes about 6 months.

2. Developer of Android Apps

While iOS development may sound more appealing to Apple users than Android developers, Android developers are also gaining interest. In September 2019, the new Android 10 was unveiled.
The Vanderbilt University offers an Android App Development Program that consists of four steps. It takes about 4 months to complete.

3. Web Developer

Web developers are highly in demand as web quality continues to improve. Websites must be redesigned and maintained. Gatsby.js and Next.js are the most used web development languages in 2021.
If you’re just getting started with web design and want to learn the basics, I recommend the University of Michigan Web Design for Everyone (Basics of Web Design & Coding).

4. Designer for User Experience

Steve Jobs was an unwavering advocate for user experience design, and he created the most successful company in history. UX God himself stated that design is much more than how it looks and feels. Design is how it works.
Understanding and actively testing user experience is crucial to the success and growth of apps and platforms. UX design can be a rewarding career choice for those who are good at graphic design and understand people’s needs. You can start your journey at the University of San Diego’s Interaction Design degree or CalArt’s UI / UX Design specialization.

5. Content Marketing

If you’re a professional writer and creator of visual content or a video maker, then you might consider getting into content marketing. While social media and blogging skills aren’t very lucrative, they can make you a lot of money if your content has a tangible return.
You can make a career as a content marketer by building your own portfolio and website. This will demonstrate your knowledge and skills. You can also take University of Illinois Marketing in the Digital World or Northwestern University’s Content Strategy for Professionals: Ensuring Your Content’s Impact.
It is clear that STEM skills will be required to hold most high-paying jobs in 2021. These skills in mathematics and science will become even more important over the next decade.

These jobs offer a great opportunity to transform your career and ride the wave of technology innovation that will change the world by 2021.

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