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Elvis Presley Sites to Visit in Memphis

Elvis Presley Sites to Visit in Memphis

If you love music, rock n roll, to be specific, then planning a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, has to be on your bucket list. Memphis was the home of the epitome of all rock stars, Elvis Presley. They don’t call him the King for no reason; Elvis truly was one of, if not the greatest, rock star of all time.

Not to mention that his hometown is one of the coolest cities in all of the United States. So if you plan a visit to the home of the King, you won’t run out of things to do because of the number of interesting things to see in Memphis. Below is a list of King-related sights to visit to get you started on your trip to Memphis.

Graceland Mansion

Easily the most prolific rock n roll house of all time happens to be found right in the heart of Memphis. The Graceland Mansion is the home of the King himself, Elvis Presley. When you visit the mansion for the first time, you will be blown away strictly by the sights and beauty of the house itself.

After you get done looking at the house itself, you can start admiring that the house belonged to the greatest rock n roll artist ever to live. There are cool things to admire about Elvis, like his home movies of him and his daughter kept in the mansion for tourist-viewing purposes.

Elvis Presley’s Memphis

This museum-like building is the home of countless Elvis memorials. For example, an entire portion of the building is dedicated to his wardrobe, private plane, and exotic car collection. You can admire the origin of the rockstar lifestyle that Elvis not only lived but created.

Elvis Presley was the first rebellious rock star, and he set a precedent for every single rockstar that followed in his footsteps. He single-handedly created the rockstar life and mentality, and you can see that when you visit Elvis Presley’s Memphis. Plus, the building is right across the street from the Graceland Mansion, so you don’t even have to get in your car to see this amazing building.

Colleta’s Italian Restaurant

The city of Memphis, Tennessee, is packed with so many cool and exciting things to do, but if you want to admire the King, walk in his shoes. There are so many different restaurants, and monuments dedicated to Elvis found right in the heart of Memphis. So to understand and appreciate what he did, take a stroll through the city then end it with a stop at one of his favorite places to eat–Colleta’s Italian Restaurant.

This restaurant also functions as a time capsule for the King. There is an Elvis room, and you can even eat his favorite dish, Memphis barbeque pizza. Colletta’s was a frequent of Elvis before his mysterious death, but you will find other cool, local places that Elvis had fallen in love with if you look throughout the rest of the city.

If you loved your trip as much as most Elvis enthusiasts do, you might want to explore Memphis houses for sale so that you can get your place next to the King. Plus, you can explore the rest of what the city has to offer.

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