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Egypt – The History

Egypt – The History

Egypt is among the six civilisations to arise independently. The ancient land encompasses of more than 6,000 years of history! That’s longer than any other civilisation in human history. It’s culture and history are both world famous and packed with mysteries. Much of Egypt’s ancient history was a mystery. More were revealed on Egypt when the secrets of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were deciphered with the discovery and help from the Rosetta Stone.

The River Nile played an important part in Ancient Egypt. They depended on the waters, which flows through severe and parched desert. To support life, only the land on the banks of the Nile could be cultivated. The rest of the country was and is still desert. Only rain that caused the Nile to flood made the fields extremely fertile.

The ancient Egyptians were the first people to develop a system of writing, known as hieroglyphs. They believed it was vital to write down what was happening. Their writings were a mix of pictures and glyphs or symbols that covered a continuous period of over three thousand years. Egyptians believed that hieroglyphs were a gift from the gods that possessed magical powers. Therefore, they inscribed them on objects, temple walls, jewellery, magical papyri and tombs. The symbols are pleasing to the eye, however understanding the ancient script is difficult.

Egyptians believed that there was a life after death. They preserved a dead person’s body and buried it in a tomb with everything he would need in the life after death. Death was considered as a transition to another realm. If one was justified by the gods, one would live eternally in a paradise known as The Field of Reeds. This was a mirror image of one’s life on earth. Before eventually surviving the afterlife, Egyptians had to go through a test in front of 42 gods and Osiris, the god of the underworld. If one failed the test, they would experience the agonising second death. Available to the upper echelons of Egyptian society only was the Book of Dead. This was an additional luxury to shore up and reinforce the chance to get eternal life.

Nefertiti was among the ruling queens of Egypt from the past who deserves being mentioned. One of the most gorgeous and influential queens of Egypt, Nefertiti played a major part in the cult of Aten. She was also a priest during the Amarna period. Restored images show Nefertiti and some of her daughters participating in activities that only the pharaoh was usually shown doing.

One of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt is Cleopatra! Her family ruled for more than 100 years before she was born. Cleopatra acquired the throne at 18 years old along with her 10-year-old brother. You can dive deeper into the world of the Queen of Nile by playing Cleopatra slots at Kitty Bingo. On this game, you will find yourself in Egypt where sandstorms of winnings might embrace you. You will see the pharaohs, the golden jewelleries and Cleopatra herself.

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