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5 artificial methods of tanning and its benefits

5 artificial methods of tanning and its benefits

A tan skin looks gorgeous more than the fair skin, that’s what the youngsters of today generation think and somehow a research also shows that tanning is good for the skin. However, the method of tanning that is sitting on a beach for long under the sunrays is not the healthy option. Another method, artificial tanning is becoming popular nowadays. One can get tanned skin without going out in the hot sun rays exposing your body to the dangers that are associated with the UV sun rays using tanning peptide.

Why artificial tanning when you can do it naturally? It’s Simple, to protect your body from the possible dangers of skin problems. Many skin products are developed to give a tanned skin artificially to undermine the risk of skin cancers and many more. So, know everything about artificial tanning in this article.

Artificial tanning- what is it?


The term simply defines the use of artificial methods rather than a natural process of obtaining a tanned skin. The technique became popular because as the person can get beautiful and gorgeous looking tanned skin without wasting time sitting outside.  The natural process of getting tanned skin cause skin cancer as per a study. Thus, the method of artificial tanning is becoming a popular method, and the technology to do so has improved over time.

The process is simple and common among the celebrities and commoners to achieve the skin tone as per their wish. There are various methods to get tanning through the artificial process.

  1.    Tanning booth

The tanning booth is a room where the person will undergo the tanning process using UVA and UVB rays that turn the skin into golden skin color. These are the artificial lights that darken the skin of a person inside the tanning booth.

  1.    Horizontal bed

The person has to lie on a horizontal bed, and the top is closed to cover the full body of the person. The acrylic top covers pass the ultraviolet A and B rays from the light bulbs fitting at the top. The light passes through the complete body of the person lying on a bed, and his skin gets tanned from head to toe.

  1.    Tanning spray

The spray tanning is done in the salon. The professionals use the tanning spray or brush on the body. The person has to go into a tanning booth, and the spray is sprinkled from both sides of the wall to cover the body evenly. The other method is performed by the airbrush technician, but it is the time-consuming process.

  1.    Tanning lotion

One of the cheapest methods of artificial tanning is to use a tanning lotion. Buy a tanning lotion and apply it in the area where you wish to get a tanned skin. The process will take time, and sometimes it becomes quite messy. A good tanning lotion is a key to achieve perfect tanned skin otherwise as a result ready to face the side effects.

  1.    Tanning peptide

Tanning peptide stimulates the pigment cell, melanocytes, and allows the body to develop a sake tan that protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Through the simulation process, it increases the melanin concentration in the body and gives a natural looking tanned skin. It also reduces the possibility of skin cancer and sun damaged skin. It gives a darker tan skin than any other method and that to be without exposure to the UV radiation.

Above were the methods of artificial tanning, now read some of the benefits of artificial tanning.

Artificial tanning- what are its benefits?


No sunbathing

The primary benefit is to save your body from the harmful effects of sunbathing. Some people take prolonged sunbathing to get the desired level of tanning. It is harmful to their skin and body as they are more prone to skin cancer and other skin problems. Artificial tanning is a controlled process that protects the body from the above-said problems. No need to take sunbath for long. The technology of artificial tanning involves the use of lamps that are non-carcinogenic labeled by the IARC.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in the body of the person undergoing the process of artificial tanning using the method of the tanning booth or horizontal bed. If the technology is used properly then in ten minutes around 10,000 IUs of vitamin D can be produced in the body. Thus, the process is healthy for the body and skin.


It is not possible for everyone to go to the beach and tan the skin. People living in the landlocked area will not find any beach, and thus they can use the lotions, peptides like Melanotan 2 peptide or tanning peptide to tan the skin artificially. It saves time and skin. No need to take a car and drive to the beach or wait for long, buy the lotions or peptide and let the skin change the color without any UV rays. It is a simple and quick method, also affordable to get the even skin tone.

Thus, to get the above benefits of artificial tanning, try any of the above methods or simply buy the tanning peptide-like Melanotan 2 peptide. It is easily available at the lovemelanotan, or you can prefer buying them other online stores.

Benefits of Melanotan 2 peptide

Melanotan 2 peptide is a useful peptide that works on skin has many benefits than any other method. It decreases the appetite to keep you fit, and its effects last for a month. It also improves the sex life of the person and gives them a better experience with their partner that is the most obvious reason for which people use this peptide. The peptide is available in the powder form, mix it with liquid and take the dose. Keep the peptide in the refrigerator after opening the bottle. It not only helps you in getting the golden and gorgeous skin but also offer you these benefits.

Melanotan 2 peptide is generally a chemical analogous to a hormone called melanocytes which is naturally present in the body. It simply produces more skin darkening pigments in the body to give a darker complexion to the body. Therefore, it is the best method of artificial tanning.

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