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Cross-Country Road Trip With Weed- Rules Every Traveler Should Follow

Cannabis lovers love to experience different things, and setting out on an adventurous road trip is one of them. It is safe and easy now that weed is legal in most states around the country. However, there is something tricky about pairing driving with weed for obvious reasons. Still, you can make sure that you stay on the right side of the law even when you are on the road with cannabis. Here are the rules that you should follow when embarking on a cross-country road trip with weed.

Start with research on local regulations

Even before you hit the highway, some preparation makes sense, particularly if you plan to travel with weed. Start with research on local regulations because every state has some local laws and rules for cannabis buying, consumption, and permissible age and quantities. Abiding by these rules is vital to enjoying your experience without worrying about legal hassles. Research becomes all the more important if you are driving cross-country because rules may quickly change as you cross the state borders.

Have a map of local dispensaries

Since there are restrictions related to the quantities to carry in each state, you cannot pack a lot of supplies. You will have to stock up as you travel across the country. It is best to cover the local dispensaries in the states you plan to travel to during the trip. Marking them on a map is a good idea as it will help you in locating them easily. Apart from locations, check the online reviews to get a fair idea of their reputation. You can even explore their menus online to find whether they offer the products you need.

Store your stash discreetly

Being on the road with weed requires care because you can get into trouble if you have it right on the front seat. Ideally, carry only as much as the local laws permit and have it packed safely in the car’s trunk. You would also want the product to be fresh, so opting for the right packaging is important. If you are carrying the flower form, you can learn more about the best options here. Pick one that keeps the aroma locked in because you wouldn’t want the cops to get a whiff as they lift the trunk.

Switch the driving duties

When you plan a cross-country road trip with weed, don’t opt for a solo trip as driving under influence can invite big trouble. Whether you travel with a partner or your gang, at least one of you needs to be sober. The best way to enjoy the trip is by switching driving duties and ensuring that no one is behind the wheel when high. If you are traveling solo, take cannabis only when you are on a break. Being high while driving can get you implicated, which is the last thing you would want to happen.

Following these rules on the road with weed keeps you in a safe place. Knowing your rights is equally vital to ensure that you do not get into a fix without a fault.

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