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Budget-Friendly Yacht Holidays

We all have dreams of beautiful vacations – spending time in beautiful locations, making incredible memories and having real adventures.

But when it comes to dreaming about holidays and beautiful destinations, some people are hamstrung by their budget – meaning that high-end activities are pushed out of their reach, and they’re not able to fulfil their dreams.  You can’t just spend all the money you have on a holiday on a brand new catamaran when the kids need new shoes, and the car is always breaking down!?

However, we are here with a possible solution to this problem. Have you ever considered a Sailing Holiday?  Adventure sports like hiking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc. can be quite expensive, but you can get the same adrenalin rush from sailing, and in many cases, it can work out cheaper than staying in a hotel.

A Great Way to Spend Holidays

We are talking about chartering a yacht for your vacations. This is the most suitable way of spending your holidays with family and friends. This will not cost you as much. Chartering a yacht will not be a burden to your pockets – the average yacht is €3000 for the week, but when you split that between 8 people it’s just €375 each – or €53 a night per person.  Factor in that it is your day’s entertainment as well as your hotel, and you can see why it’s actually incredibly good value for money!.

It is so much fun while chartering a yacht with your family – it’s an amazing experience for your children that include almost no risk. If you go at the right time of the year (April /May or September/October) there are often great discounts too – boats that would be €7000 a week in high season are sometimes as low as €2000 in low season.

Amazing Destinations to Explore

A yacht charter holiday is suitable for many different types of people – perfect if you’re an adrenalin junkie, a beach person, a nature lover, or someone who wants to relax in their own space and soak up some rays.  Stop at a restaurant for lunch, have your own beach barbecue in the evening (on a private, secluded beach) and watch the world go by!

The most popular cruising grounds are in Italy, Greece and Croatia, and all have fantastic budget food options – you can self-cater on your yacht or just head into town and pick up a Chicken Gyros for a couple of euros, or treat yourself to a proper Mediterranean feast for little more than €20 a head.


In conclusion, a yacht charter is an amazing experience, which can actually be much more budget-friendly than you think!  Get out into the sea and the sunshine this summer and give it a go.

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