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Bitcoin Deposits at Online Slots: Is it an Option?

The popularity and acceptance of playing slots games online with free spins is increasing at a greater speed than ever before.  With this, more options are becoming apparent for gamers to be able to place their bets with different currencies so that they are able to play more easily from anywhere around the world.  The latest addition to this is that of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Deposits and Online Slots

Not all online casinos offer the option of being able to credit your account with Bitcoin so if this is an important factor to you, then you should always check before affiliating yourself with one particular site.  It will be very clear which payment methods are accepted and which are not.  The reason for this is that they are not yet a fully-fledged currency and therefore they are not accepted as currency in every place of business which includes online.

Some players opt to play using Bitcoin because there is no regulation from the banks or government so there is no limit to what they can bet or win when they are playing slots using this payment method.  For this reason, especially if you are wanting to play slots games for significant amounts of money, this is a real advantage to using Bitcoin.  But it does come with certain limitations which is why many online casinos are still reluctant to include it in their accepted payment methods.

The fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin are one of the main negatives with using it as a slots bankroll credit method.  This means that you may have deposited your account with a certain amount of Bitcoin but you never know what you are going to return to because the Bitcoin market is so unstable.  It has been known to double and half in the same day!  It is an unstable payment method, but if the instability works in your favour, this could be a huge advantage to some players. 

Winning on a Bitcoin Slot

The concept of how to play Bitcoin slots and winning on Bitcoin slots is exactly the same as that of a regular GBP slots game.  You register with the site of your choice, research and compare games to find the best one for you and begin to play.  You are able to discover the way in which the slots game functions, uncover all of the fun and mystery of the game and see if you can win when playing the bonus features available to you.  None of this changes, no matter what financial credit option you have opted for.

The only thing that will make a big difference is when you win and this is all down to the stability of the Bitcoin.  For example, a win of 11,000 Bitcoins won one lucky winner $1.5 million dollars when converted in 2013.  But compare this to if this same amount had been won on the same day but a few years later, this would have been a win of around $86 million.  Timing is key with Bitcoin and should always be considered!

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