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An Overview About Heat Treatment To Clear Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky and really hard to eradicate. They quickly adapt to conditions which not only allow them to produce eggs that are resistant to chemicals but also to dodge extermination attempts too. While there are different ways to clear them, not all are effective because they not quickly eradicated and tend to multiply faster and start appearing again. But one of the most powerful treatment options that can eradicate these pests is heat treatment.

What is the Whole Room Heat Treatment?

This is one of the treatment options adopted by pest management professionals to get rid of bed bugs. Special equipment that is specially designed for heat treatment is used to eradicate bedbugs. The machine helps to control the bed bug by generating heat.  During this process, the room temperature can reach between 135°F (57.2°C) and 145°F (62.7 °C).  Remote thermometers are placed to monitor the temperatures and usually, bed bugs and its eggs die in about 90 minutes when the temperature reaches 118°F. The whole process of heat treatment can last 6 to 8 hours depending on the area and the infestation rate.

Benefits of using Heat Treatments over other methods

There are many pest control methods that can be opted for eradication but the heat treatment has many advantages over its alternates. Some of them are listed below:

Bugs are not heat resistant: Bed bugs are unwanted guests in your home which are not easy to eradicate. That is because of the adaptive defense mechanisms. When they see a threat they not only quickly run to their hiding place but they also become resistant to many pyrethroid insecticides. But they are not heat resistant, the eggs and the bugs both get destroyed when the heat at 120°F is blasted at them. Irrespective of their hiding place in the wall, crevices, inside furniture the heat can radiate through it and kill them.

Heat treatments are fast: Irrespective of the level of infestation, heat treatment can be used to kill the bed bugs and its eggs quickly and effectively. When a pest management company is hired for bed bug control, the heat treatment is completed in a day without any need for followup sessions. So it is the fastest way of killing bugs, unlike chemical treatment where multiple sessions over a period of time are needed to get rid of them.

No need for evacuation: When you opt for a heat treatment there is no need to evacuate the house.  The whole operation gets completed in a matter of a few hours after which the people in the house can get back. Whereas you opt for other treatment options depending on the chemicals used, the people in the house may need to stay away till the treatment is completed.

Get Professional Help: Heat treatment for exterminating bed bugs is the safest option as there are no chemical or fire hazards. Though it is extremely safe, ensure that heat treatment is done by professionals as it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature of 118°F. Ensure that you keep things that can be affected by such temperatures away so that it does not get damaged. Hire only a fully certified pest control company so that they follow the best practices.

Kills even resistant bugs: Bugs adaptation process is such that it sheds its skin several times when they grow. If the bugs are exposed to any insecticides during this process they become resistant to it. When these bugs lay eggs the offsprings becomes even more resistant and makes it difficult to eradicate. So an alternate method to kill these pesticide-resistant bugs is heat treatment. These bugs die when they are heated so there is nothing called heat-resistant bugs.

Brings peace of mind: Bed bug control is not easy when chemical treatment is done these pests can lay low for some time, which gives a false sense of security that the bugs are all gone. But the fact is, they can live for months in hiding without eating and come out when things are peaceful. But the same cannot be said about heat treatment as it targets the whole house and reaches every hidden place. There is no way the bugs will come back after heat treatment.

Heat treatment is effective to clear bed bugs, be it a small infestation or a heavy one. It takes less time for the treatment and there are no pollutants that are harmful to people living there. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to be bug-free.

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