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Advice for responsible slot game gambling from an ex-addict

A lot of the time gambling can seem like one continuous high-octane top-of-the-world experience of fun, however, for all of the highs, the lows are never too far away either. And believe me, I’d know all about this, seeing as I am a recovering slot games ex-addict who almost lost it all. That’s right, the name’s Tim, and for two decades I enjoyed rampant success on the slots, however, it didn’t last, and I quickly slipped down a dangerous hole of addiction. 

When I first started playing slots it was a special occasion thing, almost like a gimmick. It was my first time in Las Vegas and I couldn’t resist having a go on the renowned slot machines, and the funny thing is that I immediately realised I was quite good, winning no less than $50,000 on my first day. Forward-wind 25 years and I’m heavily in debt, having lost my wife and kids to a dangerous slots addiction. Don’t make the same mistakes as me, read ahead for some advice for responsible slot gambling from an ex-addict.

Be strict with your budget

I cannot put into words how important it is to be strict with your online slot gambling budget, because if you aren’t it will make things a lot easier to spiral out of control. During my time slot gambling I never once set myself a budget, although I sure do wish I had done. 

My lack of budget meant that the reel-spinning sessions could last whole days at a time. In the early days, this didn’t matter too much as I would always end up winning more than I would lose, however it was a real problem during losing streaks. You see, if you set yourself a budget there is no danger of you spending important things like life savings. This is exactly what I did, and it ended up costing me, my wife and my kids. 

Set a rigid time limit

Another thing I wish I did back in the day was set myself a strict and rigid time limit each time I started a slots session. They are delightful little games, slot machines, something that makes it very hard to stop spinning the reels once you get going. 

With a time limit, you will force yourself not to keep gambling for too long, something that is instrumental in regard to being a responsible slot gambler. 

Make sure you are seeing family and friends

Another crucial thing to remember when you gambling responsibly on the slots is not to neglect your family and friends like I unfortunately did. Trust me when I say this, your loved ones are everything – they are the reason for your existence, not the slots. I ignored my family and friends for far too long because of my slots addiction, and in the end, they just didn’t have the patience to wait for me. I really don’t blame them. 

So make sure you are meeting up with friends and spending quality time with family – it really is priceless.  

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