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7 Ways to Perk up Your Relationship!

Has your relationship gone stale? Are you tired of the same-old, same-old? Is it time to make a few changes to get some life into a stagnant situation? We feel you! We put together this list of 7 ways to perk up that tired old relationship and get back some of the shine. Let’s get started and get your relationship back on track!

How to perk up a Relationship

1 – Surprise Each Other

There are a billion ways you can surprise each other in a normal day. The science behind the surprise is that it triggers our sense of wonder – that same sense that made you two attracted to each other to begin with. Try getting home from work early and cooking a surprise meal. It really is that easy.

2 – Do Something New Together

It might be sexual, it might not. Exploring a new place together can also trigger that sense of wonder. In the same way, trying new bedroom positions or experimenting with new things can work in the same way.

3 – Connect through Touch

Holding each other, touching each other, kissing and holding hands; all of these things are necessary for maintaining intimacy. In fact, touching regularly is one thing Doctors advise you to do to stay close to one another. Try it for yourself!

4 – Get Experimental

Getting experimental can really raise the heat in the bedroom. Adding a little jealousy might be just the way to go… We know a few London Escorts that would be perfect for just such a job. In fact, complementing each other with beautiful partners can be the ideal expression of love… especially for the polyamorous.

5 – Repeat History

Gong back over your old moments together and remembering what made them so romantic is the ideal way to reignite a cold romance. Taking time to re-enact old favoured spots, visiting the site of your first date, or going to the first restaurant you visited together are all perfect ways to perk up a relationship.

6 – Sweat Together

Seriously! Go to the gym together and get your sweat on. This triggers the more primal parts of the brain that associate sweat and hard physical work with sex. Working out together could be just what you have been looking for to get more intense in the bedroom. Give it a go and report back!

7 – Take Care of Yourself

It might sound arbitrary, but if you can take care of yourself independently of your partner you are far more likely to be happy when you are together. Your happiness should not be dependent on another person – and neither should theirs! Only when you are separately happy will you be happy together… anyone who has ever tried to support an SO through something difficult can tell you that.

Final Thoughts

Perking up your relationship is on you. Like any friendship or love, being with someone takes a little work. If you can’t give and take then you probably shouldn’t be in it to begin with. Taking time to perk up your relationship is essential for on-going romance and a partnership that lasts.

After all… Happy wife, happy life… right?

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