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7 Reasons to Visit Japan

If you think you’ve seen it all, then you’ve never seen Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun is an endlessly fascinating country where there’s always something new to learn. Japan is known for its advanced technology and honorable, yet quirky, culture, but it’s also home to stunning natural beauty and fascinating historical sites. Here’s why you should make Japan your next destination.

The food

Sushi fans will fall in love with Japan faster than you can say “salmon skin roll.” Visiting the country that invented sushi is a great opportunity to try real, authentic dishes and learn more about how it’s made.

It’s not all about sushi, though. From delicious soba noodles to mushroom tempeh soup, food in Japan is always mouth-wateringly good.

Sakura season

Spring is a magical time of year in Japan. The whole country blushes pink in March and April as cherry blossoms – aka sakura – come into bloom on the trees. You can even “chase” the sakura across the country, as the flowers first appear in the south and make their way up north. It’s a truly fantastic experience that can only be had in Japan.

Fall foliage

Just as Japan turns pink in the spring, it takes on a crimson hue in the autumn. As the leaves on the Japanese maple trees turn red, sights like the Kyoto gardens and Oze National park become more spectacular than ever. It’s wonderful to see, and although it is a popular event, it tends to be slightly less busy than sakura season in the spring.


From modern metropolises like Tokyo and Osaka to traditional areas like Kyoto and Nara, Japan is home to a seemingly endless list of captivating cities to explore. Whilst these cities are incredibly varied, Japanese cities tend to be well-planned and picturesque in their own, unique way. When choosing Japan vacation packages, make sure you’ll get to see some of these awesome spots.

Mount Fuji

The sight of postcard-perfect Mount Fuji will certainly stop you in your tracks. It’s worth visiting just to catch a glimpse, but it’s also possible to climb the mountain between July and September. The most popular week to climb is Obon Week in mid-August. It’s very busy during this time but that just adds an element of human interest to the hike, plus it’s a great chance to meet new people from all over the world. The mountain is also especially stunning during the cherry blossom and fall foliage seasons.


Travelers are often surprised to learn that you can, in fact, go skiing in Japan. Boasting excellent quality snow and breathtaking mountain views, Japanese ski resorts are often overlooked by tourists, so it’s a great opportunity to get to know the locals and experience a very different style of après-ski. The island of Hokkaido is home to some fantastic resorts.

Themed dining

Japan’s capital city is home to some crazily quirky cafes, restaurants and bars. Whether you want to eat a terrifying Alcatraz themed meal, or to drink inside a candy monster’s stomach, you’ll never have a boring night out in Tokyo.

Japan Cherry Blossom:

Cherry blossoms, known as “sakura” in Japanese, are one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. They typically bloom in spring, and their fleeting beauty has been celebrated for centuries in Japanese culture.Cherry blossoms are not only a beautiful natural phenomenon but also an integral part of Japanese culture, representing renewal, hope, and the fleeting beauty of life. Book your “Japan Tour Packages” during cherry blossom season to witness this stunning spectacle! 

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