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6 Rules About Motorcycle Tire Traction

6 Rules About Motorcycle Tire Traction

Tire traction is used to gauge the ability of a tire to perform on dry and wet surfaces.  Traction can vary based on a tire’s tread patterns and compounds. Whether they are car tires or street bike tires, every tire has a tire traction rating that grades how well a new tire stops on wet roads when properly inflated.

Being a smart bike rider, these are 6 tire traction rules that you must know to keep you safe on the road or trail:

Traction Rule #1

Wet pavement reduces traction drastically. This means you should limit your lean angles to about half the amount you would use in dry conditions.

Traction Rule #2

Wet pavement increases stopping distance. This means your following distance from vehicles in front of you should be about double as well.  When choosing tires for your motorcycle, be informed that tires constructed with soft, flexible compounds provide improved grip on dry surfaces. BikeBandit.com carries the best motorcycle tires online if you’re looking for tires for your street bike, ATV or dirt bike.

Traction Rule #3

Painted lines on a wet road are hazardous. Avoid leaning the motorcycle at all when riding over painted lines, such as safety zones or cross walks. Make sure that if you’re applying your brakes on any type of painted line, you do so with extreme caution.

Traction Rule #4

Watch out for tar strips on patched up roads. These strips become very slick even in perfectly dry conditions once the temperature is above 70 degrees.

Traction Rule #5

Keep your street motorcycle on the street. But if you have to leave the pavement to avoid a crash, do it but keep in mind that once off the pavement, traction will be extremely limited and you must be very careful about applying your brakes.

Traction Rule #6

Be traction smart. This is the first step in developing a traction sense where your nerves and brain work together to recognize whether traction is sufficient or you’re near the edge. The sense of traction is transmitted through the handlebars, seat or footpegs, with good grip feeling stable and poor grip feeling vague.

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