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5 Smart Shopping Hacks To Save Money While Shopping At Coles

Coles has been one of the go-to places for Australians to get their groceries and other retail items for more than 100 years. The retail giant has 807 branches all over the country and serves over a third of the entire Australian population since 1914. Most customers are excited to browse through the coles catalogue to find the best deals for their next online buy or store visit.

Since household expenses continue to increase rapidly, plenty of homeowners are doing everything they can to save on their grocery expenses. They would set a specific budget for their usual shopping spree. You may follow these surefire tips to help you save a significant amount of money on your grocery expenses. 

#1: Come To The Grocery Prepared 

It is ideal to pre-plan your grocery trip to ensure that you will not go overboard with your budget. You may do some research by checking out the newest coles catalogue to help you know which items are on sale. 

You also need to make a list of the essential items that you must buy. Check out your pantry and fridge for the missing ingredients and stocks that need replenishment. Make sure that you will stick to the list so you will not go beyond your original budget. 

#2: Know The Right Time To Shop

Shopping experts know the best time to shop in Coles stores. If you want to get the best deals for meats and other perishable items, you must schedule your grocery visit once the store opens in the morning or the last few operating hours of the day. 

If you know the right schedule, you will get plenty of items at reduced prices. Some items are also sold in pairs or packages for a fraction of their original tag price. So always ask Coles’ customer service staff to help you determine the best time to do your shopping.  

#3: Pick Non-Branded Items 

Most of the time, adding labelled products to your shopping cart can put a huge dent in your shopping budget. So choose no-name brands like the ones sold exclusively by Coles. At the moment, the supermarket chain offers everyday items like coffee, dog food, canned goods, and toiletries as a cheaper alternative for the usual products found on store shelves. 

The retail giant recently revealed that the sales of their unique, home-brand labels surged significantly as of February 2021. These brands are more affordable than common, branded items. 

#4: Go Online 

Shopping in the comfort of your own home can also help you save a lot of money. By choosing to go online, you will not be tempted to buy non-essential items that would attract your attention from the store shelves. It will also help you avoid other unnecessary expenses like additional car fuel and meals when you suddenly feel hungry while in the shop. 

Coles Online usually offers special shipping promos to help reduce the cost of deliveries. It means you can get all your regular items without expensive shipping costs. 

#5: Join The Rewards Programs 

Retail giants like Coles often have rewards programs to entice their loyal customers to get the most savings during their shopping trip. With these rewards’ help, loyal customers can get major discounts or free items with each shopping trip. 

One of the best offerings from Coles allows customers to receive a $10 discount once they accumulate 2000 points. You may use the discount for your next shopping trip. 

Shopping at Coles can be a rewarding experience, especially if you know how to find the best deals. Try out these tips on your next grocery run to save a significant amount in your grocery budget.

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