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7 Tips To Edit Your Travel Videos Like A Pro

7 Tips To Edit Your Travel Videos Like A Pro

Travel videos are one of the hardest video content to edit. Because travel videos’ viewers expect to watch stunning scenes of obscure places, these videos must be nicely edited.

If you don’t know where to start, there are many online video maker tools, such as this website, that could give you a hand. In that editing process, there are some helpful tips to make you become a professional video editor.

Tip #1: Select worthy shots

As a matter of fact, you cannot put together a decent travel video without clean shots. To get started, you should prepare a good camera to shoot with. It doesn’t have to be a fancy, costly camera. Cool travel footage can also come from a phone’s camera, such as iPhone’s. No matter which camera you choose, make sure that it suits your needs, and can come up with clear and HD footage. Also, take as many shots as possible if this is your first video ever. More shots, more choices!

When you have enough resources, pay a closer look at videos’ angles because it has a great impact on your result. Choose footage with worthy angles to fully highlight the beauty of those places. Besides, who wants to watch a travel video without breathtaking scenes, right?

Tip #2: Make use of an online video maker

After having pleasing shots, it’s time to start editing! This is the part where an online video maker comes to save the date. Video maker websites offer lots of helpful tools to start editing your video from scratch. You can trim, adjust speed, add music, or play with animations with an online video maker.

Thus, this platform also has lots of video templates customized for diverse content. You can browse to pick out the most fitted template for your travel videos from its unlimited sources. An online video maker will make your videos much more stunning and fun to watch.

Tip #3: Trimming and Arranging wisely

The very first step in editing any videos is sorting out and trimming the footage. For a first-timer, this step will be quite tiring and boring because you don’t know what to keep and what to leave out. But don’t worry, things will get easier when you get used to it. Just keep in mind that, only choose the cleanest shots with the best angle, don’t be greedy. Keep your footages clean and neat! For sure that your viewers don’t want to watch a lame and lengthy travel video.

The order of footages is surprisingly crucial. How you arrange your shots decides how long the viewers will stay. Think about an editing strategy to make sure that your flow is wise and tempting at the same time.

Tip #4: Tell a story

A thoughtful message, or a small story, will make your video more binge-worthy. It makes your video look more considerate, rather than a plain pretty travel video. In order to create a story, you should have a creative mindset and professional editing skills. This process can be quite hard, but the outcome will be rewarding.

Try to observe more while you’re on your trip, you might see or feel some special angle of that place. Let the site, the culture, the people, talk to you, tell you about their stories. See and listen to it with an open heart. Surely you will have some cool and inspiring story to include in your video while editing.

Tip #5: Add smooth transitions

You don’t want to be interrupted by a sudden transition while watching a touching and breathtaking video, don’t you? Neither your viewers! So make sure that the clumsy transitions won’t disturb their train of thought.

An online video maker can help your movement look seamless. It offers many transition effects that would ensure the shifting process is smooth and fit your videos fully. In addition, you can also add some motion blur, or create some cool changing effects to make your videos become lively with an online video maker.

Tip #6: Exciting music and fun sound effects

How you bring in the music decides the whole mood of your video. It can be chill, or vintage, or adventurous, depending on your travel site’s style. Just imagine how weird it would be if your travel video is about ancient Egypt but the music is hip hop style? Therefore, make sure that you know the place and your story well enough to input suitable music.

In addition, music could play a vital role in keeping viewers interested. It is a huge driving force in making sure the pace viewers would feel throughout the entire video. Thus, adding sound effects to some part of your video could make it more fun to watch. Just make sure that you won’t overuse it because it might be kind of tiresome.

You can find many copyright-free and royalty-free music on an online video maker website. It contains unlimited music resources for video editors. With various choices from uplifting to ancient music, for sure that you will find audios that suited your videos.

Tip #7: Graphics and animation to spice up your videos

Lastly, don’t forget to add some graphics to make your video look more lively. Graphics and animations will show your true colors through the way you choose and add them to your video. These details are small but really spice up the whole video. Therefore, make sure that you make use of it wisely to really stand out amongst plenty of content creators on Youtube.

To sum up, editing travel videos requires a lot of skills and notices. With the help of a video maker website, your editing process can be less tiring and more effective. Make sure to follow these 7 tips to edit your video smoothly like an experienced video creator.

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