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5 of the Best Times to Take a Road Trip

There are plenty of books and movies about road trips. Some of them are American classics. You might count Kerouac’s “On the Road” as a classic road trip book, while “Easy Rider” or “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” are a couple of excellent road trip movies.

It’s also something that you might want to attempt in real life. If so, you’ll need to find out how to get an international driving permit if you plan to drive abroad, you’ll gas money, assuming you have a gas-powered vehicle. You must choose your companions carefully, and you’ll need the funds to cover lodging, food, and other miscellaneous expenses as well.

There are also some particular times when taking a road trip makes the most sense. Let’s look at a few of those right now.

Before You’re About to Start College

Before we list some of the best times to take a road trip, we should mention that you’ll want to map out where you’re going and familiarize yourself with the traffic laws in each state. They’re not always the same everywhere you go, and there are safety precautions when driving out of state that should help keep you out of trouble.

Now, on to our list. Most people would agree that when you graduate high school but before you go off to college is one of the better times to take a road trip.

The reason this time is so ideal is that you can take a trip with your childhood or high school friends. You might all be going to different colleges in various states, and then you’ll start your lives, each of you heading in different directions. This might be the last time that all of you can be together, carefree and enjoying each other’s company, and a road trip can celebrate that.

Right After You Graduate from College

The time right after you graduate from college can be similar to the time right after high school. At this point, you might have an entirely new group of friends that you have made over the past four years. This can be the time you spend with them before you all go your separate ways.

You can do some things during the post-college road trip that you probably couldn’t do after the post-highschool trip. For instance, you probably turned 21 while you were in college. That means you guys can go bar hopping if you find some interesting establishments along the way.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you may even stop at a casino and try your luck. All of you might be starting new jobs or post-graduate schooling soon, and this is your chance to cut loose before you buckle down and have to be responsible again.

After Getting Out of a Bad Relationship

You might decide that a road trip is in order right after a bad relationship concludes. Perhaps you broke up with a partner, or maybe your marriage ended.

A road trip might be what it takes to clear your head. If you can visit some cities or states that you haven’t seen before or that you haven’t been to in a long time, that can help you mentally reset yourself to get ready for your life’s next phase.

Right After You Lose a Job or You’re About to Start a New One

You could decide to take a road trip right after you resign from a job or after your boss fires you. You might be in a healthy mindset at this moment, or maybe you have a lot of negative thoughts swirling through your head.

You could also take a road trip right before you start a new job, or you’re about to pursue an entirely different career. The idea of hitting the road at this time is the same as if you do it right after a relationship ending. You’re relying on seeing some new or different sights to mentally recharge before you embark on a new chapter.

If Someone You Loves Dies

You might decide to take a road trip right after a loved one dies. If they spent some of their last days with you, you might want to get away from the dwelling where they spent their final hours.

On the road, looking at some strange cities or scenic vistas, you can think about everything they meant to you. The road can be a place for you to mourn them. By the time you return and resume your life, you will probably be further along in the healing process.

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