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5 essential items for your Christmas road trip

Travel is looking a little different this year, with Covid-19 preventing us from going further afield. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a vacation. On a road trip, we can more easily keep a safe distance from others. As well, they can still be great fun for all the family.

However, taking a road trip over Christmas presents new challenges, as roads may be icy and dangerous. You can bet there’ll be plenty of traffic too, making accidents more likely. If you get into an accident, try contacting an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer for more info. It’s essential to drive with more care and attention in winter. But what essential items should you bring to make the trip go as smoothly as possible? 


A shovel might not be the first thing you’d think of when preparing for the holidays. However, it’s an essential when driving in colder places where snow is likely. In the case of a snowstorm, you might need to dig a path so your vehicle can get through. There’s nothing more annoying than being snowed in, so keep a shovel in your trunk just in case. Don’t forget to do a full vehicle check before you head off, too. 

First aid kit

A first aid kit is always essential when traveling by car. You never know when you might need one. While accidents aren’t pleasant, they are more likely when driving around Christmas. Plus, your little ones are always getting scuffs and scrapes, so a first aid kit with plasters and bandages could be a huge help. Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked before you get going – and make it easy to access, too. 

Festive snacks

Festive snacks are a road trip essential during the holidays, especially when traveling with children. Kids get hungry fast and can quickly become cranky if their needs aren’t met. Festive snacks will keep the Christmas spirit going while also filling their tummies. Not sure what festive snacks to bring? You can’t go wrong with mince pies, gingerbread and chocolate coins. Try to throw some healthy options in there, too, although brussel sprouts are not advised. 


Road trips in winter can get cold. While your vehicle will have its own heating system, blankets help to make the journey feel more cozy and comfortable. Blankets are particularly useful when traveling with kids, as they help to make them feel sleepy. Pack a few fluffy options and give them out generously when your kids are getting tired and cranky.  

Christmas playlist

No road trip is complete without a playlist. But a Christmas road trip calls for something even more special: a Christmas playlist! Create one before you go and add all your festive favorites. We’re talking Mariah Carey, Wham and plenty of Michael Buble. Festive family singalong here we come! 

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