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5 alternative christmas ideas for your family

A growing number of families are considering alternate ways to celebrate christmas this year. For some, the same old traditions of driving to a relatives house or waking up to presents the same way every year is getting boring. For others, 2020 has created a unique challenge of creating a Christmas that follows public health guidelines. Whatever your needs, here are 5 alternative ways to spend Christmas with your family this year. 

Skip the gift exchange

Christmas used to be a religious day of celebration and being merry with one’s family. Nowadays, it’s become a commercial endeavour, and the traditional meaning of the day is all but lost. We constantly are told that this is the “Season of savings” or “December to Remember” event or “Toyotathon”. We say a year of breaking the annual gift giving part of Christmas in exchange for a less commercialized day to spend with loved ones.

Host Christmas this year

After years of driving or flying to the Parent’s house for Christmas dinner, every family has to decide when it’s time to become the hosts. Maybe this year is the right one for you! Are you ready for the fulfillment and responsibilities of hosting your own christmas dinner this year? Here is a christmas dinner invitation template to get you started. 

Go international!

Do you live in a place with cold snowy winters? Would you like to spend a Christmas on the shores of a tropical beach instead of inside an annoying puffy coat? Maybe you’re from a hot, dry location and you want to finally experience a white Christmas in the Swiss Alps! Wherever it is, you can have a great time, and make memories that last forever. It’s ok to spend a Christmas having a good time vacationing as opposed to worrying about inlaws, little kids, and parents. In fact, here are some holiday christmas card samples to make sure they don’t miss out on your adventure! 

Have a glamorous christmas

What’s Christmas without a house covered in festive lights and a massive shining tree. This Christmas, instead of skimping out on minimal decorations, gifts, and activities, go all out for a year! Get the biggest tree you can fit in your living room! Try to be the most lit up house on the block! Have a Christmas photoshoot and send them to all of your relatives from home this year. 

Go all out on a few big gifts this year. How much time, money, & space are you going to waste buying, wrapping, and receiving junk gifts that no one actually wants. Every year, you think “Oh no I have to get a present for these people..” This year, instead of buying random trinkets and useless gags to fulfill a present quota, focus on a few gifts you know your family will love. Everyone’s seen the commercials where the family wakes up to a new Mercedes-Benz wrapped in a bow. This year, make it a reality!

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