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4 winter sun travel essentials

Cold weather is looming as winter is approaching. This can make us all feel a little down. Especially once the excitement of Christmas is over, and there are months of winter still to go. The best thing you can do? Book yourself a holiday in the Sun or even take a road trip down south through several countries. You can even download a fueling station locator app so you never have to worry about running out of gas. Many countries in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia, South Africa, and parts of South America, such as Argentina, are all available for Winter sunshine. But it may have been so long since you’ve thought about sunshine that you need a checklist for what to take with you. 

First of all, whether you are fighting the strong winter sun at home or planning to go away, you need a cool pair of round sunglasses. Lucky that this style is in fashion as they suit any face, even if you don’t think sunglasses suit you, these are worth a shot. That’s what makes them our top pick.

Round Sunglasses

Round glasses have been popular throughout history. They can look intellectual whilst still suiting hippy’s and fashion-conscious people alike. They have been around since the 1920s and have shown up with icons since such as Janis Joplin or John Lennon. Small circles or large, you choose how you want to personalize this fashionable essential. 


No pre-holiday packing list would be complete without a new slimkini or swimsuit. Fashion in swimwear tends to change over time. Swimsuits started out covering as much skin as possible, following this as little as possible! Yet increasingly, one-piece swimsuits are back in fashion, which is great news for some as they are usually comfy and you can easily throw a pair of shorts on and head to the shops. Backless, Holter neck, or strapless designs means you can find something to suit your body shape. If you would rather opt for a bikini, there are also many options available, including high waisted pants or tops with short sleeves. Block colors are also increasingly popular. 


You may also need a new pair of summer shoes. This will largely depend on what you enjoy doing on your holidays. If you spend most of your time by the pool, then a cheap pair of sandals will probably do you. Yet it seems that more and more people are opting for adventurous holidays, using their time to explore the local area. For this, you will need a decent and comfy pair of summer shoes. Try and find some sandals which provide support for your ankles and keep your foot in place. You may also want to consider how thick the base of the shoe is. You don’t want to be feeling the stones underneath your feet. Sore feet could ruin your holiday, so be sure to invest in a decent pair. 

Demin Shorts

Demin shorts also have a long history, dating back to the 60s. The reason that Demin shorts make it onto our list is because they are nice and cool, but you can feel dressed up in them. You can get various styles to suit your shape, and you will comfortable in most settings with this versatile garment. 

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