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4 Weekend Escapes Made For The Guys

4 Weekend Escapes Made For The Guys

Guys work hard too and want to get away once in a while with their friends. If you’re someone who needs a break, then you’ve come to the right place. You should have fun places to go and activities in mind if you want to make it a memorable vacation.

Your first challenge is coming up with what you’re going to do with your friends when you finally get a weekend off from work and your responsibilities. Be glad to know there are plenty of options to choose from that will excite you. Your first order of business is to pick a location and then you can worry about the logistics.

A Cabin in the Snow

Rent a cabin or find a friend who has one, and enjoy a weekend in the snow. Learn more about the best ATV snow plow and why you should own one by visiting my gardening network. It’ll be nice to have one onsite for many different reasons. You’ll also be able to spend time participating in additional snow sports and activities at a cabin. Sit by the fire and unwind while you catch up with your buddies. It’ll be fun, adventurous and you’ll get privacy with your friends this way.

The Casino

Find some awesome casinos and take a weekend to go explore the areas. Save up your cash so you have a little to spend at the establishments once you arrive. Get a hotel for a few nights and make a weekend out of it with a few of your good friends. Play in the casinos, explore the area and make dinner reservations at an upscale restaurant for a little different twist. A weekend should be the perfect amount of time for gambling, conversation and delicious food.

A Big City

Fly into one of the many big cities for an unforgettable guy’s weekend where you’re guaranteed to have a good time. There’s so much to do that it’ll be hard to choose your activities. Do your homework ahead of time, so you know what events are going to be in town. Partake in some sightseeing, check out a comedy show and end the night eating steaks and catching up with each other. Make your hotel reservations early if there’s somewhere special you want to stay.

Sporting Events

You can never go wrong with going to a sporting event. Choose your favorite teams or games to go see live. Keep an eye on the schedules so you can pick a location everyone has always wanted to visit. This way you can make a weekend of it by attending your sporting events and having some down time to explore and relax. You can cheer on your favorite sports team, wear your prized jersey and hang out with your friends in a fun and relaxing environment.


There are many options for planning a guy’s weekend, but these are a few ideas that are sure to make it memorable. Start planning well in advance so everyone can clear their schedules. You won’t regret the little bit of effort it takes up front to get organized once you’re all together.

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