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3 New Year’s Resolutions For The Brave

When the new year rolls around, we often find that our resolutions look fairly similar to those of our friends and family.

For instance, how many people do you know that are attempting Dry January this month? Or Veganuary? Maybe you yourself have decided to join a gym or take up a new hobby in your spare time, such as learning to play a musical instrument.

These are fairly typical goals that many of us share, but the past year has been anything but typical. And 2021 is a great opportunity to break from the routines of old and try something new.

With that in mind, these are just three potential New Year’s Resolutions that go beyond the usual.

1. Ditch Your Dead-End Job

Now, don’t panic – no one is suggesting you should quit your job right away, especially not at a time like this.

But if you find yourself constantly toying with the idea of leaving your current role and never taking the leap, dig deep and consider what’s really stopping you from leaving your job. People will often stay in a job they’re unhappy with because they believe they aren’t good enough to go after what they really want, leaving them feeling trapped.

If this sounds familiar, you need to break out of that terrible habit. Stop force-feeding yourself negativity and understand that a can-do attitude requires a little self-belief. Reinforce positive thoughts about yourself and get that CV perfected and sent off!

2. Adrenaline Junkie

Whether you’re a wannabe Bear Grylls, or more the creature comforts type, there are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences worth trying out.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try sky diving, bungee jumping or rafting. Or maybe you’re simply hoping to conquer a lifelong fear like heights or water.

Whatever it is, make this the year you finally take the leap – literally!

3. Move abroad

Our travel opportunities have been significantly limited in 2020, and it could be a while before things are back to normal.

But for those who are desperate to see the world, once that chance comes it needs to be taken with both hands. And what better way to explore not just a country but a whole new way of life than moving there?

You may already have a dream location at the top of your bucket list. But there are incredible opportunities around the globe for aspiring travellers, and over the last decade Portugal has become a hotspot for expatriates looking to settle down under the sun.

Its Golden Visa program grants citizenship by investment – Property Lisbon have extensive experience in helping applicants to the scheme find their perfect match – and opens up opportunities in Portugal and across the EU.

The country has also become something of a hub for new start-ups in business and tech, making it an ideal location for inspiring entrepreneurs.

Wherever you go, upping sticks to another city or country could be the catalyst for a whole new career – what a way to spend your new year!

Whatever your goals in 2021, don’t be afraid to dream big!

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