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Your Unforgettable Holiday in Sicily

Source: Unsplash | Ruth Troughton

Villas for rent in Sicily. Dreams and realities that blend together and generate your unforgettable holiday.

Would it be a dream to rent Sicilian villas? Do you think that your life would be more complete and satisfying after a trip to the thousand-year-old land of oranges, long life, and good wine?

An Island of Dreams and Reality

We agree with you: Sicily, Italy’s largest region and island by extension and its southernmost region are not only famous for good wines, tasty food, music, folklore and theatre known throughout the world.

If you want, you can rent beautiful villas in Sicily for vacation both in the historic center and on the seafront and thus live dream holidays alone, with friends, relatives or partners.

In fact, in Sicily, modernity has met the ancient, rustic and classic style and has given tourists and visitors of all ages the opportunity to choose which villa to rent is more congenial to them.

Sicily is the Mediterranean island that offers more opportunities for holidays to travelers allowing them to do so in different ways: educational trips, institutional trips, romantic trips, trips of pure relaxation, trips dedicated to the visit of many places named World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

These trips are also and above all permitted by the villas and residences made available by the vast Sicilian island. From the Baroque Palermo to the timeless Cefalù, from the land of fine Marsala wines to the Strait of Messina. Everywhere you can find villas that fully satisfy the desires and needs of every traveler.

As we all know, Sicily has been dominated over the centuries by the Norman Vikings, the Arabs, the Spanish and the Piedmontese. Different governments have succeeded one another and different kingdoms have arisen and then collapsed.

All these dominations could not but influence the cultural, gastronomic, social, folklore and even landscape heritage of the island.

Think now about how many styles and how many different architectures can be found on an island with these characteristics.

Villas in a land full of opportunities

The Sicilian villas, even a few kilometers away from each other, are varied, different, colorful, austere and ancient or welcoming and modern. But always extremely typical, always unique. Always Sicilian.

Many houses are located right next to some of the most famous theatres (and which have given the start and success to both successful actors and real theatrical stylistic currents) in the world. It is not uncommon that one’s neighbor is not another villa, but a theater.

And don’t think of it as a cinema! Don’t think of it as a movie theater. Don’t think of rows, noises, annoying lights. A villa next to a theatre is a unique privilege. It allows you to live almost in contact with the culture and history of this incredible island.

If you dream of finally taking a trip to a land where two hours by car you can travel through hundreds – even thousands – of years of history, take a map, put together your personal tastes and choose which Sicilian villa suits you best.

Start booking your plane or boat tickets but do it quickly because, as we shouldn’t even tell you, Sicily and its villas are coveted all over the world and it’s not easy that such a land leaves many vacancies!

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