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Your blog sucks: Discover the reasons why your blog is probably failing

Everyone who’s ever started a blog has done so with visions of a huge readership and probably making plenty of money. It’s hardly surprising, after all, we all want a taste of success. However, when several months have gone by and not one of your blogs has gotten a like or a reshare, and you’ve had only a handful of visitors to your blog, it’s also natural for most wannabe-bloggers to throw the towel in. 

The sad fact is that most bloggers give up after just a few months. Those blog post ideas sounded great in your mind, so why isn’t that transferring onto your website? It’s not you, it’s other people. They just don’t get it. Right? Wrong! 

There are many reasons why blogs fail within the first few months, and if you want your blog to be a success then you first need to ascertain why it’s failing and then make the appropriate changes. Read on to discover the simple reasons why your blog sucks and it’s failing.

You’re copying someone else

This is simple. Do not copy other people’s work. Not only is that plagiarism, which creates a whole host of problems for your SEO and the success of your blog – check out Scribbr for the latest in plagiarism software – but it makes you look unoriginal. Search engines don’t like copied text, they like posts that are unique and new. It’s those kinds of posts that will rank higher in Google search engine results. If you’re copying and pasting or making little tweaks here and there to someone else’s work to make it sound like something you’ve written, you’re just setting yourself up to fail. Be original. It works.

You think that blogging is easy

Simply put, if you think blogging is easy. Then you’re doing it wrong. Blogging the right way often means working on your blog for 20+ hours a week, it’s the equivalent of another job. The reason your blog is failing is because you’re not dedicating enough of your time to it, the blogging world is extremely competitive and with millions of blog posts being uploaded every day, you’ve got a big task on your hands if you want yours to be noticed

You’re waiting for readers to come to you

Ok, so your content is great, and your blog looks professional. Awesome. However, that’s not the end of the story. Blogging requires more than just creative writing skills and a knack for decent photography. Promoting your blog is another task you need to include on your daily list. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you need to shout and share everything about your blog as much as possible. You could even look at guest writing on another blog and then enjoy the traffic coming your way from impressed readers. 

You’re not persistent 

You can’t expect anything major to happen within the first year of owning and running a blog. But that’s ok, it means you have plenty of time to hone your craft and perfect your blogging techniques and promotions. Don’t give up after three months and wonder why it didn’t work – Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

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