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Why your online identity needs to be outstanding

Online trading has enabled many businesses to withstand the economic pressures that lockdown brought upon them. Prior to this, businesses were already seeing the benefits of operating a website or selection of social medias accounts which gives them an online identity for their business and a place where their consumers can reach them without leaving their homes.

However, the online world such as online trading uk or ecommerce Shopify stores, will only work for you if you put the work into it. This means the look and workings of your website should be impeccable. This article will give you clear guidance on planning and promoting the crucial areas of your website for optimum performance and traffic.

These areas require some explanation, so let’s explore them further.


Consider your website link another one of your business locations. To be recognised by existing customers, it’s going to need exactly the same branding colour’s, logo and descriptions so that your customers can recognise you from the thousands of search results they will be presented when browsing online.

Your consumers also don’t want to spend hours reading what your business is about online and coming away feeling totally lost, so be direct and concise. Make sure the consumers who need you can spot you easily by using simple language and not complex industry jargon.

Undefeatable domains

Your business online needs to be an exact mirror of your business in the real world. This means that you don’t change the name, products, or values just because you’re advertising in a different format.

Brand similarity isn’t uncommon and as a responsible business owner or manager you should know that you want to appear unique to all potential customers. So, make sure you choose a domain name that is completely your own, not like any that already exist.

You can test which domain names available on domain name checking sites such as Wix. If you require a domain name which is similar to others but it is the name of your business then you should most definitely register the suffixes (.co.uk, .com and .net etc) so prevent another businesses from effectively sharing your online identity.

The perfect package

Nothing that was perfect ever came cheap really did it? Think of the last great meal you had, or the last pair of shoes you bought. They probably cost a pretty penny, but they have probably served you much better and longer than their cheaper alternatives.

The same strategy of value applies to web design and hosting. Ensuring the crucial elements of the website set up of configured properly, all the branding is the same and the data that will be passed in and out of the website will not be compromised is when you know you’re onto a website that will win over online users.

Miracles with marketing

Now we’ve looked at creating a website from scratch you might be wondering “how do I get users to visit my website?”, which is where social media promotion comes in. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all platforms that can help to flood your website with users and quickly build a online community your business.

Other techniques you can try are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will organically drive traffic by improving your website from the inside and promoting it more regularly. SEO has been proven to directly improve Google rankings and help businesses put themselves ahead of the competition online.

Stockport web design companies have over 10 years’ experience working in web development, SEO and social media management. Whether you have an existing website or are ready to make your online debut, you can depend upon responsive web design to put you at the top of Google in no time at all. This technique is propagated by the top web design firms who guarantee good results coming from creating the interactive user experience.

Your online audience is going to love that they can find you online, but make sure they know you’re there with a little help from digital marketing developers to make your online identity known.

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