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Why You Should Be Using a Mail Merge Service For Your Email Marketing Campaign

For those online businesses which have thus far survived the events of 2020, this is the perfect time to double down on your digital marketing strategy. Despite the fact that the lockdown is being eased around the world, the new normal is that more and more people are staying at home, and that means that you have a greater chance of securing new customers through a smart digital marketing campaign. At the core of every great ad campaign is email marketing, the perfect way to speak directly to your clients and consumers. For best results with this, a mail merge service is the ultimate tool for success, and here is why.

Bulk Handled With The Personal Touch

The issues around email marketing are that the click-through rate plummeted from what it once was, these days we see around 2%. In an effort to avoid emails going to the spam folder of the consumer, it is recommended that emails have a personal touch to them, which used to mean sending individually. With a mail merge service however you can easily design the content you wish to send en masse, and the service will then use the recipient’s data to insert their name, or the company name into each email. This service gives you bulk sending, with that personal touch that is required in today’s world.  

Automatic Follow Ups

If you preset automatic follow ups then you can keep the pressure on the client or consumer, in a way which is not aggressive or spammy. Simple follow ups to check that the message was received serve as a timely reminder for those who put the original email at the back of their mind. We receive hundreds of emails a week and yours could easily be lost in the crowd, automatic reminders ensure that you will have done all you can to grab the recipient’s attention.

Increased Productivity

The benefits to you and the business is a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. The amount of time that it takes to arrange a mass email cannot even be compared with how long it would take your team to individually send those emails. This not only offers additional time in the business which can be better used, but it also presents a key cost saver as the return on investment from a mail merge service is very strong indeed.


Powerful metrics enable your business to focus your efforts on those who are most interested in your email. You can also use this data to trim your email list down, cutting out those who are inactive or those emails which bounce back. Most mail merge services offer this kind of information in an easy to use dashboard which give you a clear insight into the results of your email campaign. This not only helps with your current campaign but also any future drives which you decide to do. 

If you are looking to deliver a successful email marketing campaign then a mail merge service is the perfect way to do just that.

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